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Top All Weather Firearms For Snow Conditions

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If there’s anything that can wreck absolute havoc on the finish of your firearms, it’s rain and snow. Traditional firearm finishes such as bluing may look absolutely gorgeous, but they offer precious little protection against moisture, and when rust and corrosion sets in it can absolutely devastate the aesthetic looks and the monetary value of your firearms.

Fortunately, you can avoid these kinds of issues by investing in an all-weather firearm that is built out of materials and has a finishing job that is purposefully designed to be rust and corrosion resistant, meaning you can carry the firearm out when it’s raining or snowing outside and rusting from moisture will be far less likely of any issue.

Here are the top all weather firearms that can handle snowy conditions:



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In general, AK-47 rifles were designed to function well in cold weather environments.

To this end, they come with looser chamber tolerances with less surface area that are in contact with the chamber, meaning that there is less than stick when the bolt is in the forward position.



In this category you might as well include any modern polymer framed, striker fire pistol on the market. But the Glock stands out due to the fact that it’s the original such pistol.

The polymer frame that comes with Glock pistols combined with their rust resistant Tenifer coating over the slides is specifically what makes them as weather resistant as they are.

Henry All-Weather Lever Action Rifles

Henry All-Weather Lever Action Rifles

The Henry All-Weather Lever Action rifles are designed specifically to be used for hunting or shooting in inclement weather.

These rifles come with a chrome plating over a stainless steel finish and with black synthetic furniture for optimum rust and corrosion resistance. The rifles are available in either .45-70 Government and .30-30 Winchester.

Marlin 336 SS

Marlin 336 SS

The Marlin 336 in .30-30 Winchester is one of the most popular deer hunting rifles in America. It’s lightweight, compact, easy to shoot, and utilizes one of the most robust lever action mechanisms on the market.

However, most 336 rifles come with a blued finish, which is not the best finish to use out in the snow at all. Instead, you can go with the 336 SS, which has a stainless steel finish and will be much more rust resistance.

The 336 SS also comes with a 20 inch barrel, seven pound overall weight, and 6+1 magazine capacity.

Mossberg 590A1

Mossberg 590A1

The Mossberg 590A1 in 12 gauge is a very durable all-weather shotgun that comes with black synthetic furniture and a tough parkerized finish. There are also version that come with ghost ring sights or with the standard bead shotgun sight.

The 590A1 is a shotgun built exclusively for military use, being the only pump action shotgun to pass the U.S. Army’s shotgun torture test. The standard version has a total capacity of 8+1 rounds.

Ruger GP100 Stainless

Ruger GP100 Stainless

The Ruger GP100 .357 Magnum in stainless steel is one of the most beefy and durable double action revolvers on the marketplace today.

The GP100 is designed to fire an unlimited number of .357 Magnum rounds without the cylinder locking up or running into any other issues (unlike other revolvers that often need to be cooled off after firing a large volume of full power Magnum rounds through them).

The GP100 in a stainless steel finish will also be much more rust and corrosion resistant than the blued version and a better choice for a sidearm when you’re trekking out in the snow.

Savage 110 Storm

Savage 110 Storm

The Savage 110 Storm is an excellent all-weather bolt action hunting rifles that comes with a number of neat features, including an adjustable Accutrigger and AccuStock so you can customize your rifle to your personal preferences.

The 110 Storm also comes with a stainless steel finish and a synthetic black finish, which will be great for muddy, wet, or snowy conditions.

Smith & Wesson Victory .22 LR

Smith & Wesson Victory .22 LR

If there’s a .22 pistol that you want to have on your hip when you’re out in the snow, look no further than the Smith & Wesson Victory.

This pistol comes with a synthetic black grip and stainless steel finish, both of which will do a good job of keeping moisture at bay.

The Victory is also very well known for its accuracy and ergonomics, and has a 10+1 capacity.

Tikka T3x Stainless

Tikka T3x Stainless

The Tikka T3x series of bolt action hunting rifles are among the highest quality ‘budget’ oriented hunting rifles on the market today.

They are guaranteed 1-MOA accuracy out of the box and are also known for their smooth actions. The Tikka T3x Stainless Steel version will be an excellent option with its black synthetic stock for use out in the snow.

Winchester Model 70 Extreme Weather SS

Winchester Model 70 Extreme Weather SS

The Winchester Model 70 Extreme Weather SS is exactly as the name suggests: a hunting rifle that is designed to handle extreme weather.

Built out of a very rust and corrosion resistant stainless steel and with a weather resistant composite stock, this is the kind of rifle that you can keep slung over your back in pouring down rain or dense snow and not have to worry about rust or corrosion.

The Extreme Weather SS comes with the same tried and true Mauser-style action and three position safety feature that the Winchester M70 is known for, an MOA trigger system, Pre-’64 style claw extractor, and also is available in just about any major centerfire rifle caliber that you can think of, including .270 Winchester, .308 Winchester, .30-06 Springfield, .300 Win Mag, and so on.


What each of the above firearms share in common is that they will be excellent for use in snowy weather conditions and you won’t have to worry about rust and corrosion issues as much as you would need to other guns.

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