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AmSec Safe – Review of American Security Safe Options

amsec vault doors

In this article we will review AmSec Safe options.  American Security Safes have been around for nearly 75 years. Before we get to our review, let’s talke about the importance of gun safes no matter what brand.

Importance of a Gun Safe

Each year, numerous accidental deaths occur as a result from improper storage of guns. Unfortunate circumstances happen more often than you think. For example, a child may get a hold of a rifle not properly locked in a gun safe. Other times armed homeowners take the law in their own hands and shoot a family member mistaken for an intruder.

But as far as keeping your guns safe from children, unauthorized persons and thieves, most responsible gun owners agree that gun safes are the ideal solution. Similarly, it’s important to know that your guns may get stolen. One of the most effective ways to prevent these events from developing is to invest in a quality-made gun safe.



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History of the Gun Safe

Back in the 1850’s, Silas Herring designed the first modern gun safe. Steel and plaster were the main components of these fireproof gun storage safes. This simple, yet consistent design is still used in most of today’s most well-respected fire safes — fast forward to the 1980’s and gun safe manufacturers branched out on their own from the rest of the safe industry.

Gun Safe Popularity on the Rise

More and more Americans are buying gun safes and if you own one, you probably purchased it to have peace of mind. Or you may have bought one to store a rare and expensive collection of firearms. Whatever the reason, there’s never been a better time than now to invest in a gun safe.

Gun safes have a wide range of options to choose from in addition to multiple sizes and customizable options. In order to make the most of your home or office security, it’s really important to buy a safe that has an appropriate storage space, superb fire protection, a maximum fire rating, secure lock apparatus and a great warranty that suits your requirements.

How to Choose the Right Gun Safe

Before you go shopping for a safe, there are several relevant features and options to consider. And many first-time buyers may fear that they chose the wrong type. Maybe you listened to your “know it all neighbor” or read the wrong reviews, but regardless, it’s important to listen to an expert.

Additionally, people tend to forget that a safe is not just something to keep your valuables protected against burglaries and unauthorized users, it also protects against fire. And thankfully for most most responsible gun owners today, manufacturers offer a wide variety of safes with the best fire protection ratings for your items.

Lock Choices and Warranties

Another important feature that some first-time buyers forget is to choose the right type of lock. For example, an electronic lock allows you to access the contents of your safe much faster than a standard mechanical one.

Warranties may be the last thing on a potential safe buyer’s mind, but there are plenty of safe manufacturers that provide terrific warranties. Many companies covers things like fire damage, break-in attempts and manufacturers defects.

American Security (Amsec) Safe Products


American Security (Amsec) Safe Products


American Security Products, otherwise known as Amsec, is the world’s best known producer of security safes and security solutions. Their products are made with the best quality, integrity and responsiveness to their customers. Under the direction of founder Glenn Hall, the company started out in the late 1940s in Paramount, California.

Today, American Security has grown to be one of the most popular and well-known safe manufacturers and they sell more than just gun safes. With security must-haves such as depository safes and wall and floor safes, the company also sells cash management safes.

In total, Amsec offers more than 400 models in a large variety of sizes and capabilities, In addition, American Security provides up to two hours of fire protection on their premium models and down to 30 minutes on their entry-level safes. Please see below for our reviews on a few of their gun safes.


Product NameWhere to Buy
image of American Security BF Series Gun SafeAmerican Security BF Series Gun SafeCheck Price
image of American Security TF Series Gun SafeAmerican Security TF Series Gun SafeCheck Price
image of American Security Defense Vault AmSec SafeAmerican Security Defense Vault AmSec SafeCheck Price
image of American Security Products Electronic Security AmSec SafeAmerican Security Products Electronic Security AmSec SafeCheck Price


1. American Security BF Series Gun Safe


American Security BF Series Gun Safe - Amsec


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The BF Safe Series by Amsec is their largest and most secure gun safe and has features that no other series offers. With a total of 12 different BF safes to choose from, the Amsec BF series gun safe is available in two separate models and six different dimensions.

In addition, the BF Series offers U.L. certified RSC burglary protection including a solid steel plate door and a maximum of 120 minutes fire protection. The layout design on the largest model in the BF series is enough for a maximum of 73 guns and allows you to store 16 guns inside the smallest version. Take a look at the some of the BF series features below …

Superior protection against blunt force and burglaryQuite heavy
Fully customizable

BF Series Model 66 x 36 Features

  • Customizable options
  • U.L. certified
  • 1/2-inch solid steel plate door
  • Etl certified 120-minute fire protection
  • RSC burglary protection
  • Storage for two long guns on door
  • 120 minutes fire protection
  • Check latest price on Amazon

2. American Security TF Series Gun Safe


American Security TF Series Gun Safe Amsec


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The TF series from American Security offers a solid steel plate door with a fire resistance material that secures your safe with a fire protection up to 30 minutes at a maximum of 1200 degrees Fahrenheit.

The Amsec TF series has a unique silicon seal and parasol seal — one for the door jamb and one for the safe door. Constructed of 14 gauge thick stainless steel, this safe also has an L-bar handle for extra security features to prevent extreme attempted break-ins.

Complete with eight active bolts and three deadbolts — all chrome plated and equipped with a door organizer for the utmost storage, the organizer also allows you super quick access whenever you need your firearms or other necessities. The TF series as well as the BF series are two smart solutions for gun protection from Amsec.

Equipped with pre-cut anchor holes (hardware included)Rather heavy
Exceptional design features
Sturdy hinges with anti-drill mechanism

TF Series Model 55 x 17 Features 

  • Constructed of 14-gauge solid steel
  • Exterior dimensions: 55 x 17 x 16
  • 11 gun capacity
  • 30 minute fire protection at 1200 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Door organizer
  • E-lock with illuminated keypad
  • Check latest price on Amazon

3. American Security Defense Vault AmSec Safe


American Security Defense Vault Safe Amsec


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The Defense Vault by American Security performs as a supplementary safe for your house, basement or garage. It’s small in size, comparable to something like a DVD player. But don’t let the small size defer you — it’s ultra strong and heavy duty to protect against fire and thieves. And it has plenty of room for your most precious valuables.

The Amsec Defense Vault utilizes wasted space and features a lighted keypad which comes with an ELS15 digital electronic lock. Constructed of 14 gauge stainless steel and a five point sliding lock bar, this vault offers the ultimate in home security protection.

In addition, it offers a gun tray coated with a protective foam pad and four pre-cut anchor holes to give you mounting facilities — plus the hardware is included. This is a solid choice for a home security vault.

Small with sleek compact designLow battery warning is not included
Illuminated keypad
Sturdy and heavy duty construction
Storage for small handguns and other small valuables


  • ESL5 E-lock with illuminated keypad
  • Constructed of 14 gauge steel
  • Five point slide locking bar
  • Tray size measures 3 x 43 x 13
  • Foam lined gun tray with four anchor holes
  • Hardware included
  • Check latest price on Amazon

4. American Security Products Electronic Security AmSec Safe


American Security Products Electronic Security Safe


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Amsec proudly offers an electronic security safe made especially to protect against home fires and features excellent protection against burglars. With a super fast DL5000 touch screen digital electronic lock mechanism including an LCD display, it also provides two keys with a powerful battery compartment to protect your valuables.

With sensitive features like the motion detector, you’re guaranteed peace of mind regarding your valuables and attempted break-ins by a burglar. This security safe is also within a very affordable price range, with many satisfied customer reviews online. And with a world-renowned name like American Security — you simply can’t go wrong.

Superior protection by pry-resistant doorNone to mention
Heavy duty interior hinges
Capable of bolting to wall or floor


  • Pry resistant recessed door
  • Interior hinges for anti- theft protection
  • Constructed of 14 gauge solid steel
  • Dl 5000 LCD touch screen lock
  • Two user codes plus emergency key override operation
  • Can be bolted to the floor or wall
  • Weight: 14 pounds
  • Check latest price on Amazon

AmSec Gun Safe – Final Thoughts

It’s very obvious that if you own a firearm, you need to keep it secure. And a proper gun safe is the most reliable option — it goes hand in hand with smart gun safety, especially if you have children.

But here’s something to ponder as well as a bit of advice — a 300 pound safe is not likely to stop burglars from walking off with your safe. What to do? Always bolt down an especially heavy safe to deter thieves and ease your mind. Or should you choose a heavier option weighing 500 pounds, it will definitely give thieves a troublesome time lifting your beast of a safe!

So what’s our verdict? American Security Products are premium manufacturers who make their safes extremely well to withstand burglary and heavy duty fires. Their reputable construction is quite simply, superior. They also produce gun cabinets, if you want to know the difference, take a look at the gun cabinet vs gun safe comparison that we have prepared for you.

If you’re still on the fence about which home safe to choose and theft and fire protection are at the top of your list, by all means consider Amsec — they have the security solution for you.

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