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list of all the best handguns and pistols for self defense, everyday carry and target practice in 2017

Handguns and pistols remain the most popular firearms in the US today, and come in all shapes and sizes. We’ve reviewed hundreds of pistols and other handguns for you, from iconic vintage designs right through to the newest models.

The Best 1911 for the Money – The iconic 1911 pistol has been around for more than a century now, and remains a great gun for beginners and pros alike. With variants of this gun produced by most major firearm manufacturers, choosing between them can be difficult. Take a look at our review to see the differences between them, and which offers the best value.

10 Best 9mm 1911 Pistols Available Today – For those of you after a premium 1911-style pistol, this review is the place to start. The classic 1911 pistol design has been updated in several ways in recent years, and in this review we’ll take a look at which new features are actually useful.

10 Best 10mm Pistols & Handguns – With so many 9mm pistols available, it can be very difficult to choose between them. In this review we look at every major type of this pistol available, and decide on the best gun for your needs. If you are looking for reliability, ammunition capacity, or simply a cool-looking 9mm pistol, this is the place to start.

gun news daily guide to the best rifle reviews in 2017

Here you’ll find all of rifle reviews, from classic lever-action .22 rifles right through to the most powerful and modern assault-style weapons.

The Best AR-15 for the Money – Almost every firearm manufacturer in the US now produces their own variant of the AR-15 rifle. Each comes with its own advantages and disadvantages, especially in terms of ammunition capacity and accuracy. In this review, we pick out the best value AR-15s available today.

10 Best Lever Action Rifles Ever Made – The humble lever-action rifle remains a very popular gun, offering great reliability and an action so simple you can maintain it yourself. Over the years, several lever-action rifles have become iconic weapons, and in this review we look at some of the best.

gun news daily reviews of best shotguns on the market today in 2017

Choosing a shotgun for your needs can be a tricky business, not least because shotguns are used for so many purposes that what works for one person might not work for you. Our reviews will give you a good idea of which shotgun to use, and which accessories to pair it with.

Best Shotgun For Beginners – How To Choose – If you are getting into to hunting, or want to introduce your kids or friends to the sport, you’re going to need a shotgun that even a beginner can shoot. In this review, we take a look at shotguns that are easy to use and maintain, even for the most inexperience shooter.

Best Home Defense Shotguns (for Any Budget) – Shotguns are very popular as home- and self-defense weapons, packing a lot of power into a relatively compact gun. The requirements of a home-defense shotgun are a little different from those of a hunting weapon, and in this review we’ll explain what you should look for in such a weapon and show you some of our favorites.

Best Semi-Automatic Shotguns on the Market Today – For those looking for the maximum firepower when out hunting, a semi-automatic shotgun is a great choice. Though previously regarded as unreliable, nowadays semi-auto shotguns are becoming a popular choice. In this review, we’ll show you our favorites.

The Best Scope for Your Shotgun – If you’ve already got a killer shotgun, it is probably worth investing in some quality optics to improve your accuracy at range. Doing so can really improve your hunting performance, and in this review we’ll show you what to look out for when buying a scope for your shotgun.

Shotgun Shell Sizes: Glossary and Comparison Chart – Even many experienced shooters do not fully understand the differences between shotgun shells. In this guide, we’ll take you through everything you need to know. Who knows, after reading this guide you might realize that you’ve been using the wrong sized shell all these years!

Best Shotgun Ammo (for Target Practice and/or Self Defense) – Having the correct ammunition for your shotgun not only makes you a more effective marksman, it can also significantly extend the life of your weapon. In this review, we look at the most accurate and powerful shells, and show you what to look for next time you are out shopping for shells.