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Liberals Own Guns Too – The Rise of Liberal Gun Shops

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Since the election of Donald Trump we’ve had a few surprising effects on gun owners, and those who sell guns. 

Hoppin’ on the Gun Wagon

In the good ol’ US of A, gun ownership has traditionally been associated with the conservative crowd. No more, my friend. There’s a new variety of gun owners emerging from unexpected corners: liberals. And no, this ain’t a glitch in the matrix, folks. More and more members of the left are arming themselves to the teeth.

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Why are Liberals Lockin’ and Loadin’?

Now, you might be scratching your head and wondering why a bunch of left-leaning folks are suddenly stockpiling Berettas and Glocks. Well, gear up, cause we’re about to venture into their mindset.

First off, increased uncertainty and rising fears about potential threats have had many swingin’ to the nearest gun shop. Second, a percentage of liberals are pushing past the stereotypes and are advocating for responsible firearm ownership. After all, the Second Amendment doesn’t discriminate based on your political views.

Accordingly, a growing number of “liberal gun stores” are appearing in the US. These stores cater to a often overlooked demographic.

These stores are not anomalies. Membership in the “Liberal Gun Club” has increased 10 per cent since the Trump election, and other clubs catering to traditionally liberal groups have also seen rises in membership. “Liberal Gun Owners”, a group on Reddit, has been going for four years now, has close to 7,000 subscribers, and has a thread dedicated to helping users find liberal gun stores.

This shift is part of a broader transformation in consumption habits. Consumers nowadays are increasingly aware of the moral, political, and ethical values of the companies they buy from. Accordingly, they want to buy products from manufacturers and stores that embody values they agree with. Many liberals are unhappy supporting shops that prominently display their right wing credentials.

Stores which sell firearms or popular air rifles are at the sharp end of this shift. Guns are inherently political, with debates about gun control some of the most divisive in the country.

Who has more guns Republicans or Democrats?

Republicans and independents are much more likely to have a gun in their homes than Democrats. A full 41 per cent of conservatives report having a gun in their home, as opposed to just 23 percent of liberals, according to the Pew Research Center.

That doesn’t mean, however, that lefties are not armed. Bernie Saunders, a ferociously left-leaning Senator for Vermont, is pro-gun, to a degree. He has campaigned against the federally-imposed waiting period for handguns, and is in favor of limited protections for gun makers. On the other hand, he promotes the idea that assault style weapons should be banned, and opposes the gun show loophole on background checks. It is no surprise, therefore, that the NRA is fervently opposed to his policies.

Firearms–A Uniting Factor

Despite the political rift, guns might be an issue where liberals and conservatives are meeting halfway. Look, both sides of the spectrum accept the reality – guns are here to stay, and the best way to approach this is through firearm education and safety practices. Whether you’re holdin’ an NRA card or a Green Party membership, mutual respect and understanding could help us all pull through, right?

The New Gun Owner’s Journey

So, you’re a liberal-leaning individual lookin’ to become a first-time gun owner? Not a problem. Keep in mind though, the path to responsible gun ownership ain’t a cakewalk. But once you understand your firearm inside out, you’ll appreciate the security and empowerment it can provide. Be ready to get proper training and prioritize safety above all else.

The Changing Face of Gun Ownership

Gun ownership isn’t about donning a cowboy hat and riding into the sunset anymore. It doesn’t need to match the grizzled picture Hollywood often romanticizes. It’s about ordinary folks – teachers, doctors, IT professionals, and yes, liberals – feeling secure and protected, knowing they can defend themselves and their loved ones if push comes to shove.

Ultimately, liberal gun owners are striving to strike a balance between safeguarding their rights and ensuring community safety. Thus, they advocate for comprehensive background checks, restrictions for high-risk individuals, and proper gun safety education. They argue these measures will reduce gun violence while preserving individual gun rights – a sort of “common ground” approach to the gun debate.

Conclusion – An Unexpected Alliance

It may be a bit surprising, but liberal gun owners can bridge the gap between gun rights advocates and gun control supporters. It’s about finding common ground. Maintaining respect for the Second Amendment doesn’t mean turning a blind eye to gun violence, and acknowledging the need for gun control doesn’t imply a complete gun ban. At the end of the day, we all just want to feel safe, don’t we?

The rise of liberal gun ownership is rewriting the old tale of guns being a right-wing pastime. So, let’s add another spin to this barrel – it’s more than just shooting ranges and hunting trips, it’s about self-defense, community, and a new camaraderie across the political divide. Who would’ve thought, eh?

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4 Responses

  1. Several generations of men in my family have served in the US Military, and we lost a wonderful cousin in Vietnam. My family has had several iterations of law enforcers, as well as sport hunters. Still does. I am not against guns, but I am concerned with the promotion of murder, such as your shirt
    “if you can read this, you are in range.” This promotes gun violence, normalizing deadly force, and for the uninformed and untrained, it is clearly advocating killing people. People. Husbands and fathers, moms, grammas… killing is somehow a reasonable option. I don’t own a gun, especially for self protection, because I am simply not suited to it. I would be that dumb lady who shot the Fuller brush man (ok, add “old” lady) while trying to intimidate a masked intruder. I am not great under pressure. I could certainly improve, with training , though. My point is that, as clever as your, and other’s, products are, maybe you should give pause, and consider just who you intend to kill with all the weaponry and armaments. I don’t want to die by a gunshot, any more than you do. Promote education, gun safety, de-escalation, protection, but don’t make it appear funny to have a gun pointed at someone. Guns are serious business, as you well know.
    As to the liberals own guns too, article, thank you for an informative article, and kudos for avoiding the potential value judgements. That alone raises your credibility. Thanks, Just to be clear, I am a liberal, but do Not assume you know how I feel, or what exactly I believe in. And I am not against most guns. Nobody is going to take away gun ownership in the US. So much energy is going into conflating that perceived threat, that it is creating a crisis of fear, anger, and division, seemingly as a rallying cry, rather than as a concern, or an issue that needs consideration. Crazy angry gun toting people do not promote gun responsible ownership. They elicit fear, revulsion, and derision. Probably not particularly helpful in the long run. PS: If civil war breaks out, nothing will be left of our once proud country. Hell, we haven’t gotten over the bloody, painful, devastating, and ugly original civil war. Another one? I’d say “shoot me first”, but actually, no. Don’t.

  2. I am glad you wrote about this, to a degree- there are a lot of us straight-blue voters who are pro-firearm and pro-self-defense.

    That being said, I wish you would have talked a bit about where these shops may be or where we may acquire a catalogue for them. I’d rather minimize the risk of supporting right wingers if/when I make a purchase from a firearm company.

  3. I have come back to this article. It just has a calling.

    I would be very interested if you could consider following up by actually sharing some potential candidates for those of us who want to acquaint ourselves with self-defense devices but don’t want to give money to right-wingers.

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