What is the Best Ankle Carry Holster for the Glock 42? [2020]

LAST UPDATED: November 30th 2020
GUIDE: Chris Browning

The Glock 42 is a compact pistol meant to withstand difficult routine training while being small and easy to carry at the same time.

After testing out 15 different brands, I was determined to narrow down to the best Glock 42 ankle carry holster as challenging as it was. My top recommend is certainly the Ultimate Ankle Holster For Concealed Carry by ComfortTac.

This holster stays secure and keeps your Glock safe without being uncomfortable or difficult to use.

Practicing With Your Ankle Carry Holster

You do need to get used to the specific method of drawing your weapon before you jump right into it. That, of course, applies to your ankle holster too.

If you haven’t used an ankle carry holster before, you may find it slightly challenging but be assured that it is just another skill that can be improved with practice.

Before you get started though, you might want to know that with ankle holsters, you usually place your gun on the inside of your ankle – a fact that not many people seem to be aware of.

Ankle HolstersYou usually position your gun on the opposite side of your dominant hand.

To illustrate, if you’re right hand dominant, you would place your gun on the inside of your left ankle.

If you’re left handed however, then you would place your gun on the inside of your right ankle.

Depending on the brand you go with, your ankle carry holster might come with a calf strap for better support.

If you do use it, make sure you adjust it to a comfortable height and suitable tension so that your pistol doesn’t slide down.

Drawing your Glock isn’t hard at all. Usually, you’ll take a knee and pull up your pant leg so you can grab onto your firearm. Then you reach down with your dominant hand and grab your gun.

It is straightforward enough but there are many situations you’ve got to account for though.

Some quick examples can include being in a restaurant, standing in a room, being seated on the ground, driving, or finding yourself in a scenario where you just can’t bend over.

In these situations, it’s obviously not as easy to take a knee quickly, pull your pant leg up, expose your gun and simultaneously grab it with a strong grip.

What you could do is to practice visualizing each situation and practice drawing your Glock every time so you can be prepared for anything. Training yourself and creating that muscle memory may make all the difference in a difficult situation.

After you do get your holster, be sure to practice to test it out, work on your draw and your normal movement.

How To Draw From Your Ankle Holster

In any life-threatening situation, it’s crucial to know how to use your Glock. Even
simple muscle memory can help, so here’s how to get started with ankle carry:

  • Use your non-dominant hand to lift your pant leg and expose your Glock 42
  • Step back with your strong leg and widen your stance
  • Bend at your waist; keep your eyes straight
  • Use your dominant hand to grasp the gun
  • Draw your Glock and keep looking ahead
  • Bring up your other hand and get a secure two-handed grip

This assumes you’re carrying your gun on the inside of your weak leg, and there can be variations too. You may need to use only one hand in some situations, or only be in a crouch.

Final Tips For Ankle Carry

There are important things to consider every time you buy a holster, but there are a few extra things for ankle carry.

Wear on the Inside

Keep your holster on the inside of your ankle to decrease the chances of bumping into it. Usually you’ll have it strapped to the opposite ankle to your dominant hand, so on the left if you’re right handed.

This prevents an awkward reach when you have to grab it, but you’ve still got to practice if you want that smooth draw motion.

Multiple Holsters

Like with any new adjustment, you need a few days to adjust so the holster is no longer awkward or uncomfortable. Try on multiple holsters to see which one works best.

Even the different materials may make an impact. Some people prefer the feel of
leather, but others would rather go with the synthetic option.

Consider the Time

You might be able to draw your weapon quickly when you’re alone, but in a life or death situation, there will be added time you need to account for.

Make sure you are familiar enough with your Glock, and adjust to the extra weight so you’re not thrown off. Always practice, while your Glock is unloaded of course.

Questions To Ask Before You Buy:

To help you choose the most suitable ankle carry holster, ask yourself these questions:

  • Is the holster just for my Glock 42, or is it universal or generic? A holster specially made for your Glock 42 usually gives the best fit.
  • Is there padding on the ankle section so it’s comfortable to wear?
  • Can I run with it? How’s the retention like?
  • Would I need a calf support strap?

Best Ankle Holster For the Glock 42

1. Ultimate Ankle Holster For Concealed Carry by ComfortTac

The neoprene band used in this ComfortTac ankle holster makes sure that you can wear it with ease.

The foam pad behind the gun protects your pressure points, and it fits a wide variety of guns, including your Glock 42. The retention strap and metal snap allows for a quiet draw too.

Ultimate Ankle Holster For Concealed Carry by ComfortTacPros

  • Fits most guns very nicely while still sitting comfortably on your ankle
  • You can add a couple extra buttons to secure your gun
  • It’s so comfortable that you probably won’t notice it’s there after a while
  • The Velcro is very secure, and the nylon holster is stretchy, yet durable
  • Really does well with smaller pistols like the Glock 42
  • Becomes virtually invisible underneath even dress pants
  • Reasonably priced


  • There is a lack of securing buttons to work with the Velcro
  • You more than likely will need to wear socks with it to combat the feel or the neoprene when you sweat
  • Heavier guns may rub against your ankle more, so be aware of the weight of the Glock 42
  • You may have issues with it sliding down your ankle

2. Ankle Holster With Padding And Elastic Secure Strap

You’ve got extra padding for added comfort and retention Velcro to keep your Glock 42 in place with this holster. Adjust it to fit other weapons too, or to work on either leg.

Designed to be comfortable with its soft knit breathable elastic, this holster is both durable and flexible for any situation.

Ankle Holster With Padding And Elastic Secure StrapPros

  • Very comfortable and versatile; can be worn on the outside or inside of the ankle, or on either ankle
  • Great retention with the top strap, but also does not impede you when you need to draw it
  • This holster fastens quickly and holds onto your leg securely, so you won’t experience slippage
  • It’s versatile and can definitely fit the Glock 42 well, along with other types of small handguns
  • Perfect concealment, so you can’t even tell it’s on


  • There is still slight printing in the pants even with regularly fitting jeans
  • The Velcro frays quickly and no longer works to hold the gun after a few uses
  • The neoprene is thin, and may cause the gun to bang against your ankle
  • If the Velcro is not lined up just right, it can irritate the skin
  • Some people do find slippage is a problem

3. Adjustable Neoprene Concealed Ankle Carry Gun Holster with Magazine Pocket

This holster is meant to conform to and sit snugly on your leg so it won’t slip down. The hammer strap prevents this, along with the extra calf strap.

It’s versatile with an extra magazine pouch, an ambidextrous design, and thicker material. This makes it both comfortable and more durable for you.

Adjustable Neoprene Concealed Ankle Carry Gun Holster with Magazine PocketPros

  • Comfortable, but doesn’t slide down like some other brands
  • Hangs on your ankle easily and stays comfortable
  • Running is not an issue since the glock doesn’t shift
  • People love the fact that they can carry a spare magazine with ease
  • It’s a perfect fit for small framed guns, like the Glock 42


  • The quality could be improved; the Velcro can come off at times
  • You will need two hands to re-holster rather than just one
  • It takes more time to remove the Velcro to draw your gun
  • It may not slide much, but it does appear to move a little on the ankle


You’ve got lots of options when it comes to choosing your Glock 42 ankle holster, but you definitely want one that doesn’t slip and makes you feel comfortable.

Our Pick
 Ultimate Ankle Holster for Concealed Carry by ComfortTac
Best Ankle Carry Holster For Glock 42Ultimate Ankle Holster For Concealed Carry by ComfortTac

The neoprene band used in this ComfortTac ankle holster makes sure that you can wear it with ease. The foam pad behind the gun protects your pressure points, and it fits a wide variety of guns, including your Glock 42. The retention strap and metal snap allows for a quiet draw too.

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The Ultimate Ankle Holster For Concealed Carry by ComfortTac is my top choice, since slippage is minimal and it’s so easy to wear. Make sure you practice with it to get familiar with it and it will serve you well.

If you’re interested in some of the other types of holsters, check out the best Glock 42 holster available.

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    • I’ve been wearing it for years with a S&W 380 BodyGuard and now the Glock 42. It is so comfortable you will forget it is there!!!


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