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9mm vs .357 SIG Sauer – Handgun Caliber Showdown Round 1

357 Sig vs 9MM

There have been many times I asked myself this question: If I survived a holocaust of some sort — like say a zombie apocalypse or a nuclear fallout — and there was only one semi-auto handgun caliber left in the world, what would that be for me? 9mm vs .357 SIG Sauer? Would I pick the […]

4 Leather Holster Kahr CW45 Picks [Best for the Money 2024]

Fast gunman Leather Holster Kahr CW45

Unpack This Article’s ArsenalHow to Choose A Holster for your Kahr CW 45Kahr CW45 Holster ReviewsKahr CW45 Holster – Conclusion The Kahr CW45 is a great .45 pistol. Kahr’s .45 pistols are becoming increasingly popular right now, as customers feel they offer a great range of features and have one big advantage over similar .45 […]

Concealed Carry Shoulder Bag Options – Best of 2024

G4Free Concealed Carry Sling Shoulder Bag

There are more carrying methods than your average hip, ankle, and shoulder holster. A concealed carry shoulder bag is another option, and when it comes to off-body carry, there’s more than just purses. Often you’ll find backpacks, briefcases, and unisex bags. But what is the best option when it comes to the shoulder bag? The […]

Best Pocket Holster Picks for Kahr CW 380 – 2024 Complete Guide

Talon Kahr CW 380 Concealed Carry Pocket Holster

Unpack This Article’s ArsenalHow to Choose a Holster for Your Kahr CW 380Top Holster Options for the CW 380Best Kahr CW 380 Holster – ConclusionRecommended Reading The Kahr CW380 is a great pocket pistol. With an extremely thin profile, and a shorter barrel than most comparable pistols, this gun has become extremely popular as a […]

The Handheld Zerotac Tactical Scope [Review + Alternatives 2024]

image of ZeroTac Tactical Scope

Unpack This Article’s ArsenalThings to Consider Before Buying a Zerotac Tactical Scope You tube video:Zerotac Tactical Scope – Features and BenefitsAlternative Zerotac Tactical ScopesZerotac Tactical Scope  – Our Final ThoughtsRecommended Reading For the serious outdoorsman, finding a scope that is flexible enough to deal with all the different situations you find yourself in can be a […]

5 Best Pocket Holsters for Ruger LCP – 2024 Review

ComfortTac Ultimate Pocket Holster for Ruger LCP

Unpack This Article’s ArsenalWhat to Think About Before Buying a Ruger LCP Pocket HolsterWhat’s a Pocket Holster?Specific Pocket Holsters For Ruger LCP Pocket Holsters for Ruger LCP – Final CommentsRecommended Reading You’re in the market for a Ruger LCP pocket holster. There are so many on the market, so you are probably curious as to what […]

5 Best Handguns / Pistols For Beginners in 2024

image of a woman with handgun pointed down

Unpack This Article’s ArsenalWhat are the Top Handguns for Beginners?What Handgun Caliber Is Best?What is the Best Caliber for Beginners?What is the Best Beginner Handgun Size?How to Make a Gun More Comfortable for Beginners?Beginner Handgun AmmunitionTop 5 Best Beginner Handguns & PistolsBest Beginner Handguns PricesWhat is the Safest Beginner Handgun?Handgun ErgonomicsBest Handguns for Beginners – […]

Dagger Defense Red Dot Sights – Review 2024

Dagger Defense flip up BUIS 45 Degree Picatinny Rail Mounted Backup Iron Sights

Unpack This Article’s ArsenalThings to Consider Before Buying the Dagger Defense Red Dot or Sight For Your AR-15About the Dagger Defense Red Dot SightsFeatures and Benefits of Dagger Defense Red Dot Iron SightsWhat People Are SayingAlternatives to Dagger Defense Iron Sights For Your AR-15Dagger Defense Red Dot Review – Closing ThoughtsRecommended Reading Nothing is worse […]

Kahr CM9 Holster – Best 2024 Options

Foxx Holsters Kahr CM9

Unpack This Article’s ArsenalThings To Consider When Choosing HolstersMy Favorite Holsters for the Kahr CM9Best Kahr CM9 Holster – The Final WordRecommended Reading The Kahr CM9 is a compact and lightweight handgun. It weighs in at 19.25 ounces, loaded with six rounds. These little details make this pistol a great option for your everyday concealed […]

Best Walther PK380 Holster in 2024? [Our Top 5 Picks]

Walther PK380 IWB Hybrid Holster

Unpack This Article’s ArsenalWalther PK380Choosing the Right Holster for Your Walther PK380Type of Holsters for Your Walther PK380Best Holsters for Walther PK 380Best Walther PK380 Holster – ConclusionRecommended Reading When you are looking for a holster for your Walther PK 380, you need to remember to do your research and take your time. Finding just […]

Best Leather Shoulder Holster on a Budget [Buying Guide 2024]

Galco Miami Classic Leather Shoulder Holster System

Unpack This Article’s ArsenalSelecting a Leather Shoulder HolsterCaring for a Leather Shoulder HolsterBest Leather Shoulder HolstersBest Leather Shoulder Holster – ConclusionRecommended Reading Shoulder holsters are the companion of men in action and are usually associated with law enforcement officers, military personnel, and detectives. Don Jonson from Miami Vice is the iconic wearer of such an […]

M&P Shield 40 IWB Holster Options – Best of 2024

BLACKHAWK 410561BK-R Serpa CQC Concealment Holster

Unpack This Article’s ArsenalWhat are the Best Holster Options for an M&P Shield 40?Several Holster Types ExplainedM&P Shield 40 Holster ReviewsM&P Shield 40 Holster Options – ConclusionRecommended Reading Once you’ve purchased a S&W M&P Shield 40 handgun, you’re probably going to be in the market for a holster to go with it. This might seem […]

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