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Hi-Point 9MM Holster Options – Top 4 Review 2024

Galco Paddle Lite Holster

Hi-Point 9mm pistols are popular weapons, and rightly so. They offer a compact design, plenty of stopping power, and relatively large magazines for such compact pistols. In addition, the high-impact polymer construction of these pistols means they are admirably light and portable.  If you have a Hi-Point 9mm, you also have a great range of holster options available. But with so many different holsters on the market, choosing one can be a daunting task.

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That’s where we come in. After looking at some of the most popular holsters for Hi-Point 9mm on the market at the moment, and reading hundreds of reviews, we would recommend the Fobus Hi-point 9MM Paddle Holster. The primary advantage of this holster is the material it is constructed from – the high-density plastic offers superior protection and fit for your weapon. Combined with one of the best retention systems on the market, this is simply a great all-around holster for your Hi-Point 9mm.

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How to Choose A Holster for your Hi-Point 9mm

Hi-Point 9mm pistols are used by so many different people in so many different applications that trying to choose a holster that will suit everybody is a little difficult. Nonetheless, in this review, we have prioritized a few factors.

Whilst we know that many people like to carry their Hi-Point 9mm concealed, with such a powerful weapon we feel that weapon security should be anyone’s primary factor in choosing holsters for this gun. Accordingly, we have chosen holsters that offer superior protection for you and your pistol, even if they are not the most discreet of items.

Draw Speed vs. Retention

That said, if you are carrying a 9mm we suspect that you will want to be able to draw it quickly. Whilst in years past there was always a trade-off between weapon retention and draw speed, the most advanced holsters around today are able to combine good safety features with lightning-quick draws.

Beyond this, when choosing any holster, you should keep in mind the following:


Weapon security should be your first concern when choosing any holster, and one for a Hi-Point 9mm is no different. You want a holster that will hold your weapon securely, and one that also provides sufficient safeguards against accidental discharge.

Some of the best holsters available for your Hi-Point 9mm now offer fully adjustable retention screws. This means that it is possible to adjust the tightness with which the holster grips your weapon. This is useful if you own several similar weapons because you can adjust the holster for each.

It is also especially useful for those who shoot in competitions, but also carry their weapon on an everyday basis. For competition, you can slightly relax the hold your holster has on your weapon for greater draw speeds, and then tighten it back up again for normal carrying.

Another thing to look for is the trigger guard mechanism. The guard on your holster should ideally cover the entire trigger mechanism, to avoid accidental discharge.


There are several different positions in which you can carry your pistol – inside or outside your waistband, on your hip, or even in a pocket holster. Each has advantages and disadvantages.

For a weapon like a Hi-Point 9mm, you have a range of holster options available, but in this review, we have stuck to the two most common styles of holster, IWB and OWB. If you are new to carrying a weapon regularly, it is worth reading up on the differences between IWB and OWB, as different people prefer different styles.


Ideally, you want a holster that holds your weapon securely, whilst also allowing you to draw it really quickly. In the real world, though, there is a slight compromise to be made between security and ease of draw.

In general, the more deeply concealed your weapon is, the slower you will be able to draw it. This is why competition shooters use outside-the-waistband configurations.

Another feature to look for is variable cant – the angle at which your weapon sits when in the holster. Different people prefer different cants, and you can even adjust this angle depending on the situation.


If you carry your pistol concealed, it goes without saying that you want a holster that hides your weapon well. With Hi-Point 9mm pistols, this is less of an issue than with some other guns, because their compact design lends the gun to concealment.

The only major obstacle to the concealment of this weapon is printing. Though some people worry unduly about this, it can be a problem, especially if you live in a hot climate where light clothing is the norm.


Last, but of course not least, look for a holster that will provide years of reliable service. Whilst it may look like hard-case holsters, typically made from extruded plastic, will last the longest, this is not necessarily true. Soft holsters, if made from tough fabric, can last equally as long.

In recent years, hi-tech materials have started to be used in holsters. One of our favorites is Kydex, an extruded plastic that offers great protection for both you and your weapon.

Reviews for Best 4 Hi-Point 9mm Holster Options


Product NameWhere to Buy
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image of KING HOLSTER Tactical Shoulder HolsterKING HOLSTER Tactical Shoulder HolsterCheck Price




Fobus Hi-Point Paddle Holster for Hi Point 9mm


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This is, in our opinion, the best all-round holster you can get for your Hi-Point 9mm at the moment. The high-density extruded plastic that this holster is constructed from is a marvel, offering a greater level of protection, and fitting your gun better, than even the most worn-in leather holster.

Law enforcement officers swear by hard-body paddle holsters such as this because they offer the maximum possible safety whilst carrying your weapon in potentially hostile environments. Whilst this holster may not offer much concealment, it more than makes up for this drawback with a great range of features:

  • First off, the material used here is tough, reliable, and completely maintenance-free. It will essentially last forever, can be washed easily, and will stand up to the most demanding environments.
  • The passive retention system in this holster is state-of-the-art. The retention screws make sure that the only part of your weapon in contact with the holster is the trigger guard, allowing for extremely quickdraws.
  • And in the unlikely event that this holster breaks, don’t worry, it comes with a lifetime guarantee. It is nice to see Fobus sticking by the quality of their products in this way.
  • As for disadvantages, this is not the holster to go for if you are into concealed carry. When paired with a Hi-Point 9mm pistol, it makes quite a bulky package.

2. Galco Paddle Lite Holster


Galco Paddle Lite Holster for Hi Point 9MM


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This is a really solid holster for your Hi-Point 9mm, and only beaten to the top spot today because we feel that the draw on this holster is just a little less smooth than with the Fobus holster.

That said, this holster offers all the features you would expect from a modern holster for your Hi-Point 9mm. In particular, we like the way that this holster, although hard-body, is concealable. If you are looking for a holster that combines durability with a good deal of concealment, give this one a look.

  • This holster is slimline, whilst also providing a good deal of protection for your weapon. Even in competition shooting, a bulky holster can distract you from what you are supposed to be focusing on – hitting the target.
  • The passive retention on this holster can be adjusted with a screw, meaning that your draw always feels the same. This allows you to find the perfect balance between security and draw speed and ensures that you always have access to this perfect setup.
  • This holster also looks great – despite being injection molded from plastic, it avoids the harsh, mechanical looks of other holsters of this type. The smooth body also aids with concealment.



Federal Holsterworks Hip Holster for Hi Point 9mm


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At the more budget end of the market, this is a soft-body holster that offers a good level of safety in a package that is compact and light.

Too often, fabric holsters like this feel quite flimsy, but the thick nylon of this holster is rugged, and we are sure that it will provide many years of reliable service.

In addition, this holster has several advantages:

  • This holster is nicely adaptable. As standard, it is ambidextrous and can be positioned on your belt or clipped elsewhere. This is great if your Hi-Point 9mm is shared by a few members of the household, as they can just grab the weapon and holster and get going.
  • The magazine pouch which is built into this holster means you can carry extra ammo, and also helps to break up the outline of the gun for concealed carry.
  • As for disadvantages, obviously, this kind of nylon holster is never going to be able to offer the protection of plastic, hard holsters. But if you are looking for a budget holster for your Hi-Point 9mm, this is a great option.

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4. KING HOLSTER Tactical Shoulder Holster fits HI-Point 9MM


KING HOLSTER Tactical Shoulder Holster fits HI-Point 9MM


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If you are looking for superior concealment for your Hi-Point 9mm pistol, this is a good option. We know that many people actually prefer an IWB carrying position, as this allows them to keep their weapon close to their body.  But it is hard to get any closer to your body than a shoulder holster for a Hi-Point 9MM.

In addition, this holster comes with some added features:

  • The material used here is a high-quality synthetic suede, which feels great and will not irritate the skin like some other holsters.
  • This means that carrying your Hi-Point 9mm in this holster, even for extended periods, is very comfortable. There is nothing worse than an IWB holster digging into your waist, but there is no such problem here.
  • Although we are reviewing holsters for Hi-Point 9mm pistols here, it is worth noting that this holster fits a wide variety of guns. If you own a number of handguns and want a holster that fits them all, this could be a good choice.

HI-POINT 9MM Holster – Conclusion

What you should look for in a holster for your Hi-Point 9mm depends, to a great extent, on how you use it. All of the holsters we have reviewed today offer a good compromise between safety features, comfort, and ease of use, and which one is perfect for you depends on how you use your weapon.

That said, we would recommend the Fobus Hipoint Paddle Holster. The primary advantage of this holster is the material it is constructed from – the high-density plastic offers superior protection and fit for your weapon. Combined with one of the best retention systems on the market, this is simply a great all-around holster for your Hi-Point 9mm.

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