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3 Benefits Hunting Has on the Environment and Economy

Benefits Hunting Has on the Environment and Economy

Any true hunter knows that hunting is a way of life. It requires lots of preparation and patience, and the process is enjoyable. The rewards are also well worth it since you can catch some prize game.

But many people don’t know that hunting has many benefits besides providing food for yourself and your family. So the next time your lib friends give you a hard time about hunting here is some ammo for your argument.


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3 Benefits of Hunting on the Environment and Economy.

Hunting Supports Conservation Efforts

The first benefit of hunting is that it supports conservation efforts. Many people are unaware that many hunting costs go to projects, research, and organizations for environmental conservation. These costs come from land stamps, hunting licenses, and firearm and ammunition taxes.

These funds then help support scientific surveys, research, wildlife rehabilitation programming, and habitat management and maintenance. All these efforts aim to sustainably use nature and conserve the environment so that it can grow and thrive for years to come.

Hunting Stimulates Economic Growth

Hunting also stimulates economic growth, which is beneficial for our economy. Hunting is a big business that generates millions of dollars every year. Additionally, hunters spend a good amount of money buying clothing, equipment, weapons, ammunition, licenses, vehicles, and various other items that all help to support the economy as a whole.

Furthermore, hunters help to support local economies when they travel on hunting trips. For example, hunters pay for lodging, hotels, food, and other supplies when they visit different towns to hunt.

Because hunting is such a big business, it also creates thousands of jobs for people across the country. It definitely plays a large role in the economy for all these reasons.

How Much Money Does Hunting Contribute to the Economy?

According to some reports as much as $25 billion dollars in retail sales and more than $17 billion dollars in salaries and wages each year. Not to mention the amount of taxes and fees collected on purchases and license and permit sales.

Hunting Maintains Wildlife Populations

The third benefit hunting has on the environment is that it maintains wildlife populations. When animal species overpopulate, they can have a detrimental effect on ecosystems, causing food shortages that overwhelm local habitats. For instance, too many predators can lead to dwindling populations among their prey.

Likewise, an overabundance of herbivores may strip areas of vegetation. The natural land can only support so many living organisms; when overpopulation occurs, the imbalances it brings can eventually wipe out entire ecosystems.

Legal Hunting Practices Save Wildlife

Therefore, legal hunting practices benefit the environment by helping maintain wildlife populations. Moreover, there are federal, state, and local laws in place to protect endangered and threatened species.

So hunters know which animals to avoid and allow to reach sustainable numbers. This legislation lets hunting practices to continue helping maintain wildlife populations without putting any endangered species at risk.

Now that you know three ways hunting benefits the environment and economy, you can begin planning your next hunting trip with peace of mind. Make sure to pack all the hunting trip essentials so that you are ready for anything that comes your way.

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