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Bugging Out with Your Dog? Here are 9 Items for Your Dog Bug Out Bag

Planning for your survival in terms of emergency might be easy. However, this can be quite tough when your dog has to tag along. Of course, you don’t want to leave it behind. After all, dogs are man’s best friend and there are some advantages to having one with you in emergencies.  So, what items do you pack for your dog bug out bag?

While there are many variables to consider when it comes to bugging out with a dog, we’ve listed below, the most important items to pack for your dog in a survival situation.



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Dog Bug Out Bag List:

1. Dog’s Saddle Bag or Backpack


dog saddle bag



You’ll need to saddle up your dog, just like you’d a horse. Preferably, a saddle bag that’s durable and waterproof. This will help protect the compartments of the bag against bad weather. A good dog’s saddle bag will carry the right amount of weight, which will be evenly distributed on each side of the dog.

2. Backpacker’s Bowl


Large Collapsible Dog Bowls



You’ll need two backpacker’s bowl for your dog; one for food and the other for water. They are lightweight and collapsible, and can easily fit into the dog’s saddle bag. You may want to include some castile soap for cleaning them after use.

3. Emergency Dog Blanket


emergency dog blanket



Your dog will need a blanket to keep warm if it gets cold. You can also fold it and use it as a bed for the dog. Just make sure to choose a blanket that’s lightweight and can easily be folded into the dog’s backpack.

4. Dog Collar and Tags


Tractive LTE GPS Dog Tracker



Bring along extra dog collar and tags. This comes in handy when your dog’s original tags or collar is compromised. They should be properly labeled with your name, phone numbers and useful vaccination information for your dog. One additional thought would be to get a GPS tracker for dogs collar.  The only consideration here is the tracker needs to be charged every 2 days.

5. Freeze-Dried Dog Food


freeze dried dog food



Of course, your dog will need to feed, and there’s no better option for bugging out than a freeze dried dog food. It weighs less and doesn’t take up much space in the dog’s saddlebag. You may want to consider a freeze dried dog food that’s suitable for sensitive stomachs if your dog is not used to the brand.

6. Treats

Nothings keep a dog calm and obedient than a good treat. So bring some along, because you’ll need your dog’s full cooperation in a survival situation.

7. Water Purification Tablets


water purification tablets



Having access to some clean drinking water for your dog is important during survival situations. Water purification tablets help purify your dog’s water, making it safe to drink. So, pack some in your dog bug out bag.

8. Medicines

Bring along your dog’s special medications, such as its monthly dosage of heartworm medicine, etc. You’ll also need its tick and flea medicine.

9. Extra Leash


dog leash



An extra leash comes in handy in case something happens to the original leash. One made with durable material preferably, not the thin collapsible leads.


A well-equipped dog bug out bag can keep your dog safe in survival situations. Regardless of the type of bug out bag you choose for your dog, just make sure it’s sized to your dog’s measurements.

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