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Best Kahr CW45 Holster Options for 2024

Fast gunman Leather Holster Kahr CW45

The Kahr CW45 is a great .45 pistol. Kahr’s .45 pistols are becoming increasingly popular right now, as customers feel they offer a great range of features and have one big advantage over similar .45 pistols – weight. This pistol’s polymer frame means that it is remarkably light.

This is a big advantage for home defense, as even those members of your family who are not used to firing weapons can carry this one around. It also makes this a great, powerful weapon for concealed carry. The reduced weight means that, with the right Kahr CW45 holster, you will be able to carry this pistol all day every day without discomfort.

What Holster Should You Choose for the Kahr CW45?

But which holster to choose? That’s where we come in! After reading hundreds of reviews, we think that the Outbags LOB2S IWB Holster is the one to go for. This is a premium holster that looks the part, feels great, and yet still offers many advanced features in a simple design. If you are looking for an IWB holster that fits your Kahr CW 45 exceptionally well, you’ve just found it.



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How to Choose A Holster for your Kahr CW 45

Choosing a holster for a Kahr CW 45 can be a tricky business. The slightly larger frame of this pistol, over say a 9 mm weapon, means that your choice of holster is a little more limited than with a smaller gun.

That said, there are still plenty of great holsters available. For our review today, we’ve prioritized what we think .45 pistol shooters want – a sturdy holster that puts safety and weapon retention above all else.

Of course, when choosing any holster, and especially one for your Kahr CW 45, there are a few things to consider:

Weapon Security

The holster you choose should fit your weapon properly. Having an ill-fitting holster is a sure way of dropping your weapon, which can lead to you loosing it, or worse. In the worst case scenario, a holster that allows your weapon to fall might cause an accidental discharge, which can be fatal.

Nowadays, you are able to choose from a variety of weapon retention systems, from leather to the latest in high-tech Kydex. Everybody has their own preference, but ultimately the aim is the same – your weapon should only come out of the holster when you draw it.

One of the best advances of recent years has been the invention of fully adjustable retention screws. These mean that it is possible to adjust the tightness with which the holster grips your weapon.

Type of Holster

Whether you choose an IWB or OWB holster, or even a pocket holster, is of course dependent on your personal preference. We have given the top spot in our review today to an IWB holster, as this is how most of the people we spoke to for this review like to carry their Kahr CW 45.

On the other hand, we know that many people prefer an OWB holster, for reasons varying from the variable cant available on these holsters to draw speed. We have also given you this option below.

Ease of Access

Of course, even if your holster holds your gun tightly, and you are carrying it in deep concealment, you still want to be able to draw it quickly. One feature to look for in this are is variable cant – the angle at which your weapon sits when in the holster. Different people prefer different cants, and you can even adjust this angle depending on the situation.


If you carry your pistol concealed, it goes without saying that you want a holster that hides your weapon well. With a .45 pistol like the Kahr CW 45, this can be a little tricky, as one of the drawbacks of such a powerful weapon is that it can be difficult to hide.

Luckily, most holsters available today, and especially IWB holsters, are designed to break up the outline of your gun. This reduces printing, which some people worry about, and ensures that only you will know that you are armed.


If you are spending a but of cash on a holster, you want to make sure it will last the distance. All of the holsters we reviewed offer superior durability, so you can be sure that they will give many years of reliable service.

Kahr CW45 Holster Reviews


Product NameWhere to Buy
image of Fast gunman Leather Holster Kahr CW45Fast gunman Leather Holster Kahr CW45Check Price
image of Outlaw Holsters NT Hybrid IWB HolsterOutlaw Holsters NT Hybrid IWB HolsterCheck Price
image of R&R OWB Kydex HolsterR&R OWB Kydex HolsterCheck Price
image of King Holster Tactical Kahr CW45 Shoulder HolsterKing Holster Tactical Kahr CW45 Shoulder HolsterCheck Price


1. Fast gunman Leather Holster Kahr CW45


Fast gunman Leather Holster Kahr CW45


gnd check price button


We just love the way that this IWB OWB holster looks and feels. We know that a lot of people claim not to care about aesthetics when it comes to holsters, saying that the usability is what counts, if you have a serious weapon like the CW 45 we think you deserve a holster that looks the part.

That’s not to say, of course, that this holster does not deliver in other areas. It is a joy to use, holding the Kahr CW 45 tightly until you need to draw it.

In addition, this holster comes equipped with many extra features, all of which add value to it:

  • This holster is handcrafted in the USA, so you can be assured that it will last and last. A lot of effort has been undertaken to preserve the qualities of the leather used in this item, and this certainly shows in the finished product.
  • The fit on a Kahr CW 45 is great. One huge advantage of leather holsters is the way they shape themselves to your weapon over time, and the people we spoke to for this review reported that this holster just got better and better over time.
  • Of course, some people prefer high-tech Kydex or similar for their holsters, and that is their choice. If you want to try a leather holster, though, this is a great place to start.

2. Outlaw Holsters NT Hybrid IWB Holster


NT Hybrid Leather Holster for Kahr CW45


gnd check price button


This is a more rugged design than your typical leather holster, making use of a Kydex frame. The advantage of this, when paired with a Kahr CW 45, is safety. If you like to take your holster off sometimes, and keep your weapon in your truck, you can be sure that this holster will keep the weapon safe and secure.

It is not the slimmest IWB available, of course, but its ruggedness more than makes up for that.

In addition, this holster has several other great features:

  • This holster fits the Kahr Cw 45 really well. The people we spoke to for this review reported that it was very well shaped, offering good weapon retention whilst still allowing for a reasonably quick draw.
  • The Kydex used in this holster is thicker than most, improving the life of the holster. It also offers a but more protection to your pistol.
  • In terms of disadvantages, in truth we can find very few, and this holster was only just beaten to the top spot in this review because we feel it could be a little uncomfortable if being used for extended periods by those not used to carrying a .45 pistol in an IWB position.

3. R&R OWB Kydex Holster


R&R HOLSTER - OWB Kahr CW45 Kydex Holster


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This is an OWB holster, and therefore a but different to the two above. Also we acknowledge it isn’t “leather”, but had to be included in this list. If concealment is not your paramount concern, it is probably worth getting an OWB holster for your Kahr CW9, as these typically offer a range of extra features that can be useful.

This holster is a good example of this, offering variable cant from 0 to 15 degrees. If you are using your Kahr CW 9 on the range, this can give you a slightly quicker draw speed, which is important for some shooters.

In addition, this holster has several advantages:

  • The Kydex used in this holster is the .080 variety, one of our favorite materials for premium holsters. It offers a great compromise between ruggedness and flexibility, protecting your gun whilst also allowing you to draw it easily.
  • The variable cant on this holster is great for people who are used to a particular carrying angle. Whilst some customers found that they were not able to fully adjust the angle of the holster, most find that with a little patience they can get this holster set up just the way they want.
  • Of course, if you are into concealed carry, this holster is not for you. The fact that you are armed will be obvious to everyone. But in truth, for competition purposed this does not matter, and the increased draw speed of this weapon more than makes up for any lack of secrecy.

4. King Holster Tactical Kahr CW45 Shoulder Holster


King Holster Tactical Kahr CW45 Shoulder Holster


gnd check price button


Lastly, something a bit different – this is a shoulder holster that fits most large and medium frame pistols, and which is perfect for your Kahr CW 45 if you prefer to carry in a shoulder position. It is fully reversible, also, allowing you to carry your weapon on either side of your body.

For many law enforcement professionals, this type of carry is preferred, as it allows very quick draw. Whilst it might take some getting used to drawing your pistol from this position, a bit of practice and we are sure you will also come to prefer it.

In addition, this holster comes with some added features:

  • This holster allows you to carry magazines in addition to your weapon. If you are using your pistol on a regular basis, and need a little more ammo than most, the ability to carry everything on one holster is great.
  • Another advantage of this type of shoulder holster is that since the weight of your weapon rests on your shoulder rather than your belt, it is extremely comfortable if you carry your weapon for extended periods.
  • The fit of this holster around a Kahr CW 45 is, in truth, not the best. Whilst it holds the weapon pretty well, some people who we talked to for this review felt that their gun moved around a little bit too much in the holster.

Kahr CW45 Holster – Conclusion

What you should look for in a holster for your Kahr CW 45 depends, to a great extent, on how you use it. All of the holsters we have reviewed today offer a good compromise between safety features, comfort, and ease of use, and which one is perfect for you depends on how you want to carry your weapon.

For our money, though, the Fast Gunman IWB Holster is the one to go for. This is a premium holster that looks the part, feels great, and yet still offers many advanced features in a simple design. If you are looking for an IWB holster that fits your Kahr CW 45 exceptionally well, you’ve just found it.

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