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Why the Glock 27 Gun Is Truly Something Special


If you’re anything like me, and I reckon you are since you’re reading this, you’ve shot your way through a heck ton of guns. Maybe you’ve gone through the rite of passage with an AR-17 or made those tin cans dance with a 9-mm. But let’s make one thing clear right off the top – there’s one little fella that’s got ’em all beat. That’s right, I’m talking about the Glock 27, a pint-sized powerhouse and a real workhorse in the Glock family.

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The Glock 27 – The Compact Powerhouse

This compact version of a .40 Caliber Glock is one heck of a marvel in the world of handguns. It’s got the raw bite of a heavyweight but the carry convenience of a bantamweight – perfect for concealed carry. Developed in 1996, this tough little compact has proven its grit over the decades, gaining a legion of believers in its reliability and man-stopping power.

Glock 27 – Handling and Concealment

One cannot just blabber about the Glock 27 without addressing its carry-worthiness. Comfortably snug, it tucks away perfectly beneath your clothing – the ideal concealed carry. The modest dimensions – 4.17 inches in height, 6.29 inches in length, 1.18 inches in width, keeps it squirreled away from sight but at ready access for high-pressure situations. There are so many Glock 27 IWB options. Read about our picks for the best Glock 27 IWB holster options.

Glock Reliability and Durability

Let’s take it from the top – the Glock 27 is your front row ticket into the Glock reliability show. Trust me, this baby is going to run for you, come rain or shine. Just keep it decently cleaned and maintained, and it’ll give you the dependable performance that’s made Glock a household name in the firearm fraternity.

Stopping Power of The Glock 27

What good is a firearm if it doesn’t pack a punch, right? Well, the Glock 27 is no slouch when it comes to that. The .40 S&W caliber ensures that when you pull the trigger, you’re dispensing more than just a “love tap.” It’s got plenty of punch to stop an attacker in his tracks.

Versatility – The Key Advantage

What’s better than a Glock 27? A Glock 27 that can hold a whole dang stack of different magazines – that’s what! Your options are many: a G22 or G23 mag, a Glock 27 extended magazine, heck, it’ll even take a G35 mag! Mix and match, and give yourself the flexibility you need.

Glock 27 Extended Magazine

kci-40-s-w-Glock 27 31-round-polymer-magazine

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When the Shot Counts

Now, we dive into the real McCoy – the shooting performance. The Glock 27, despite its pint size, outperforms many full-size pistols. It reciprocates the trust you place in it by producing tight, closely-knit groupings that’ll make any target quiver in fear. Glock 27 recoil? Completely manageable, thanks to its smart engineering.

Glock 27 Round-Up

If you’re still not convinced, then buddy, you’re tougher to please than a mule in a mud pit. With the Glock 27, you’re shelling out for sheer reliability, power, concealability, durability, and versatility. It’s got everything a sidearm should have and then some.

In the high-stakes world of self-defense, the compact Glock 27 is a true game-breaker. Pair it with solid defensive ammo, and you’ve got a worthy protector in the palm of your hands. Remember, it’s not the size of the dog in the fight, but the size of the fight in the dog.

Glock 27 For Sale

Glock 27 Gen 5

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Glock 27 FAQ

What is the Glock 27 used for?

The Glock 27, often referred to as a “Baby Glock,” is a subcompact firearm that is primarily used for concealed carry purposes. Thanks to its small size and powerful .40 S&W caliber, it’s a popular choice for both law enforcement officers and civilians looking for a versatile and reliable self-defense weapon. However, its relatively large caliber and compact size make it a challenging firearm for beginners.

How many rounds does a Glock 27 hold?

The standard Glock 27 magazine holds nine rounds of .40 S&W ammunition, with one additional round in the chamber. However, it’s also compatible with larger Glock .40 S&W magazines, allowing for a higher capacity if needed.

Is the Glock 27 a good gun?

Yes, the Glock 27 is widely regarded as a reliable and effective firearm. It features a dual recoil spring assembly that increases the firearm’s longevity and helps to reduce recoil, making it easier to control. It also includes a modular back strap design that allows you to customize the grip to your preference, enhancing comfort and control.

Is the Glock 27 easy to conceal?

Yes, the Glock 27, with its subcompact size, is designed to be easy to conceal. It’s just over 6 inches in length and 4 inches in height, making it small enough to be tucked away in a waistband holster or carried in a purse without attracting attention.

How accurate is a Glock 27?

Despite its small size, the Glock 27 is known for its accuracy. With a proper stance, grip and trigger control, you should be able to effectively engage targets at distances of up to 25 yards. However, due to its small size and the powerful .40 S&W round, it can take some practice to master its recoil and maintain accuracy.


In summary, the Glock 27 is a little titan amongst full-sized Goliaths. It rallies behind its small stature with formidable power, outstanding durability, and astonishing versatility, making it a true standout in the Glock family. So, if you’re in the market for a reliable, carry-anywhere sidekick, the Glock 27 is your best bet – it’s the small wonder of the Glock family.

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