Why You Should Consider A Ground Blind For Bowhunting

ground blind for bowhunting

The hunting season has begun, and you have found yourself the perfect spot to hunt whitetail deer. There is only one problem though, as you scan the area, all you see are immature trees. To make matters worse, there isn’t a single tree in sight; you can set up a tree stand.

So what do you do, do you abandon the area for one with better tree cover? While that may seem like a solution, there is an even better one, a ground blind. These portable hideouts can be used almost anywhere.

Also, they have dark interiors to hide you from your prey. And most are spacious enough that you can bow hunt comfortably inside one. These are just some of the many reasons to consider using a ground blind on your next hunting trip.


Here are some of the other reasons why you should get a ground blind.

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Spacious Interior

When bowhunting you will need lots of room to be able to fire your crossbow. Inside a ground blind, there is plenty of room even to accommodate another hunter or extra gear. After all you need sufficient room to take full advantage of what your best crossbow has to offer.

Some ground blinds can also accommodate up to 4 people. Their spacious interior also allows you to share the thrill of bowhunting with a friend or child. Being cooped up in a blind alone is nice and all, but sometimes it’s nice to have company.


Truth be told, some of us lead busy lives and get about an hour of hunting in a day. As such, we may not have a lot of time to set up a tree stand. With a ground blind, there is no fumbling with a safety harness or dragging our gear up a tree.

Basically, you save more time when you opt for a ground blind. Just grab your gear and head to your preferred hunting position.

Protection From The Elements

You don’t have to end a hunt just because it is raining. This is particularly true if you are using a ground blind. Ground blinds are usually constructed from water-resistant fabric. Thus even when it starts raining, you will be well protected.

ground blind for hunting

And you can apply silicone water-repellent onto your blind for added protection. The kind of protection you get from a ground blind you cannot get from most tree stands.

Ground Blind Concealment and Comfort

Staying motionless in one position for lengthy periods can be brutal. With a ground blind, though, you don’t have to withstand this kind of harshness. Ground blinds are usually camouflage, and you can move about inside one.

The best thing about ground blinds is that you can move about inside without worrying about spooking your prey. Also, getting in and out of a ground blind without spooking prey is much easier.

You have a much better chance of concealing your movements inside a blind than when you are in the open. Inside a blind, you can take full advantage of your gear, such as binoculars, with more confidence. Furthermore, you can even enjoy a snack or a meal.

Scent Elimination and Containment

Wild animals have a superb sense of smell, and your natural scent is what will probably give you away first, especially when you are in the open. Inside a ground blind, your scent is more contained, thus makes it harder for your prey to smell you.

Where necessary, you can also employ scent blocking products or ozone technology. This greatly reduces the chances of your prey picking up your scent. Generally, it is easier to eliminate your scent within a ground blind than when out in the open.

Ground Blind Portability

In some instances, you may need to move locations. When using a tree stand, this may require a lot of effort, and you may end up spooking your prey. The same cannot be said about a ground blind.

ground blind setup

Most ground blinds are foldable for easy transportation. So you can easily fold up your blind and relocate to a more promising location. Also, you can easily fold up your blind load up in your truck and go hunting without having to deal with a ton of supporting gear.

The portability of a ground blind makes it an ideal choice for bow hunting. A ground blind minimizes the amount of gear you have to carry as compared to a tree stand.


When hunting, you may have to adjust your shooting angle from time to time. This involves shifting your body. When perched atop a tree stand, this can present a number of safety challenges.

While there are safety harnesses you can use on a tree stand, there is no denying the safety of hunting from the ground. When inside a ground blind, you do not have to worry about falling.

More importantly, you do not have to worry about taking safety precautions when getting in and out of a blind. However, for a tree stand, these are things you need to think about when setting up a tree stand.

Hunting Angles

Ground blinds have windows on all sides. These you can use to aim at prey from anywhere inside the blade. Thus you can shift your aim to where the prey is coming from easily.

Also, with a ground blind, you can get close to your prey undetected. Bows don’t have the firing range of a rifle. So the closer you can get to your prey, the better. This is why ground blinds are better for bow hunting than tree stands.

7 Best Ground Blind For Bowhunting

ModelProduct ImageSetupCapacityWhere to Buy
RHINO Blinds x Bone Collector R150BC-RTT
image of Rhino Blinds R150 Ground Blind
Easy3 Person
Primos Double Bull Surround View
image of Primos Double Bull Surround View Blind
Easy2-3 Person
Barronett Blinds Big Cat Hunting
image of Barronett Blinds Big Cat Pop Up
Easy3 Person
Ameristep Care Taker Ground Blind
image of Ameristep Care Taker Ground Blind
Easy2 Person
GhostBlind 4-Panel Predator Blind
image of GhostBlind 4-Panel Predator Blind
Easy1 Person
Ameristep Deluxe Hunting Blind
image of Ameristep Deluxe Two Person Hunting Blind
Easy2 Person
Barronett Blinds PT550BW
image of Barronett Pentagon Ground Hunting Blind
Moderate4 Person
Guide Gear Silent Adrenaline Hunting Blind image of Guide Gear Silent Adrenaline Hunting Blind
Easy2 Person


Ground blinds are easy to set up and take up very little time. More importantly, they feature windows with shooting through the mesh. As such, you can observe the movements of your prey without it noticing yours.

This is important for bowhunters who need to have a clear shot of their prey. Deer and other prey can get closer to you inside a blind than they would while you are on a tree stand. These are the main reasons why you should consider a ground blind.

There are many different types of blinds in the market, and you can select the one that suits you best.

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