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Pregnant Wife Defends Family With AR-15

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The AR-15 is purely a military-style weapon that has no place in American homes for self-defense, right?

If you believe a lot of folks on the gun control side, that’s exactly what you would think. Why does anybody really ‘need an AR-15’ for defense.


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Well, it turns out that a woman in Lithia, Florida, may have just proved to everyone why.

On November 3rd, two burglars broke into the Lithia late at night where Jeremy King, his pregnant wife, and eleven year old daughter were present. The burglars made demands of King and pistol whipped him numerous times across the head, leaving him with injuries that would later result in over twenty stitches and a fractured eye socket.

King’s wife then retreated deeper into the home, where she grabbed the family’s legally-owned AR-15 and then returned to take a tactical position against the violent intruders.


Home invasion in Lithia, Florida.
Police respond to the home invasion in Lithia, Florida, where a pregnant woman shot an armed intruder with an AR-15 carbine.


She fired one shot that struck one of the attackers and caused both of them to turn and flee the home. The attacker who was wounded was later found dead in a ditch two hundred feet outside of the house.

It’s hardly the first time that an AR-15 has been used by law abiding American citizens for self-defense, but it is the latest example of how it has been used as such. The story has already gained attention around the news media, including in mainstream outlets such as NBC and Fox News.

The AR-15 is the most popular centerfire rifle in the United States today, with a wide variety of different models available. It is also very affordable. AR carbines such has the Ruger AR-556 regularly sell for around the $500 price range.

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11 Responses

  1. Very true, and I applaud the great wife for standing up like she did. When those burglars hit her husband they meant business and they sure were not going to leave any witnesses. Good for her actions and brave stand.

  2. This is why we DO NOT need gun control! Everyone has a right, if not a felon, to own ANY kind of gun to protect themselves!! The old cliche, “If guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have a gun” is so true!!

  3. This woman saved her family form the scum lowlife home invaders. Too bad she didn’t get the other scumbag invader. Decent people are armed and ready to defend their families and their homes. This woman should be given an award for her bravery and saving the lives of her family. She is definitely a hero and a great mother and wife.

  4. This is why gun control against law abiding citizens is ridiculous! The criminals don’t care about your gun control laws! Most of the major liberals cities don’t even want there police! So what are good hard working citizens supposed to do? Say …hey mister criminal….can you please leave my home? Your not permitted to be hear according to the law! How stupid do they think we are. We are never giving up our guns,family safety or our belongings to criminals who think they are just gonna take what they want. Nice shot lady and god bless you! You made the world a little safer by killing that scumbag before he killed your family.

  5. Could she have accomplished the same thing with a smaller weapon? I don’t live in a big home so retreating deeper into the home to the gun safe is not an option. Wouldn’t a hand gun be a better option? Especiallyy for apartment dwellers.

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