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Best Sig MK-25 Holster – The Essential Guide

Safariland Sig MK 25 Holster

A Sig MK-25 is a fine handgun, and if you just purchased one (or even you’ve owned your Sig for a while), there’s a good chance you’re in the market for a high-quality holster to go with it. But this can often be a harder decision than buying the gun.

There are literally dozens of types and models of holsters that fit the Sig MK-25, but you can usually narrow down your options by deciding how you plan to carry and use your firearm.

For example, do you plan to open carry or conceal carry? Would you be comfortable with your gun wedged in between your pants and your side?



What about the weight of your Sig being too much to carry around in your pocket? Would you be nervous having your firearm hanging off your belt where someone could potentially make a grab for it?

What is the Best Sig MK-25 Holster?

These are all things to consider before you spend your hard-earned cash on a holster. For this article, I reviewed several highly-rated holsters for the MK-25, and after some deliberation I chose the Gould & Goodrich B802-26R Gold Line Two Slot Pancake Holster.

This holster is well crafted from top-grain leather, and its deep definition molding offers a superior fit and retention. And this Gould & Goodrich holster is made in the USA.

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What Are Your Options in Sig MK-25 Holsters?

As mentioned above, much of your choice will depend on your needs, and how you plan to carry your handgun. One of the most important things to consider is whether you plan to conceal carry, as only certain holsters can effectively hide your weapon.

Another factor is your shooting hand. Find out if the holster you’re considering is right or left-hand draw, and whether you like your weapon on your dominant side, or you prefer to cross-draw from the other side.

If you would like a further explanation of the different types of holsters, you might find the following “Holsters 101” video informative:



Some of the Most Popular Holster Types Explained

While there are a variety of different holsters made for the Sig MK-25, for this article I chose the following popular types: IWB, OWB, small-of-back, and pancake holsters

Small-of-Back Holster

The first holster I’m going to talk about is the small-of-back holster, or SOB. As you might guess, these inside-the-waistband holsters fit into the small of your back, which many people find more comfortable than carrying at the hip or appendix.

This is especially true if you’ve put on a few too many pounds around your waist, or you work on your feet all day. Another plus is a SOB holster gets your weapon further away from a potential assailant. This might not be your best choice if you’re a driver, or if you sit in a hardback chair all day.

Pancake Holster

Most pancake holsters are made from leather or nylon or another malleable material. The idea is that this material flattens – like a pancake – which helps to hold the weapon close to the body for better concealed carry. The holster slides onto the belt via pair belt loops, which hold the holster securely in place.

These are usually worn on the hip, or toward the back of the shooter. One drawback of pancake holsters is the fact that many of them are open at the barrel, exposing your guy to dirt and other contaminants. There’s also the risk that you gun sight could hang up when drawing, especially if you have tall sights.

Inside-the-Waistband, or IWB Holster

These inside-the-waistband holsters are generally the most popular type of holster for concealed carry, due to the fact that they’re easier to hide than many other holsters.

Most IWB holsters slide or clip onto the belt, and they can be worn in a variety of positions. They’re typically made of Kydex or another type of hard polymer plastic, and they can rub against your skin if you’re not wearing an undershirt.

A popular variation of the standard IWB holster is an AIWB, or “Appendix inside-the-waistband holster.” These are worn at the front of the pants, which is a more comfortable position for some shooters.

OWB, or Outside-the-Waistband Holster

There are many occasions when a standard outside-the-waistband holster is your best option. This is especially true if concealing your weapon isn’t a top priority, or if you wear suits or a lot of loose clothing.

OWB holsters usually clip or slide onto the belt, or have slots to thread the belt through. As with the IWB holsters, these outside-the-waistband models can be worn in just about any position that’s comfortable. These are especially good holsters if you open carry your weapon.

Sig MK-25 Holster Reviews

Now that we’ve looked at some of the more popular holster types, it’s time to put a few Sig MK-25 holsters to the test. The following holsters are all made by major brands, and they all have been given positive reviews by happy Sig owners.


Product NameWhere to Buy
image of Safariland 6378-477-411 ALS Paddle HolsterSafariland 6378-477-411 ALS Paddle HolsterCheck Price
image of IMI Industries Sig Sauer MK-25 Gun HolsterIMI Industries Sig Sauer MK-25 Gun HolsterCheck Price
image of Gould & Goodrich B802-26R PancakeGould & Goodrich B802-26R PancakeCheck Price


1. Safariland 6378-477-411 ALS Paddle Holster


Safariland Sig MK 25 Holster


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This outside-the-waistband paddle holster from Safariland attaches to the gun owner’s belt via an injection molded belt loop.

The holster rides close to the body with a slightly forward cant (not adjustable). The Safariland is designed for right handed shooters.

This holster features Sefariland’s Automated Locking System (ALS) which locks your Sig MK-25 in place when holstered. You won’t have to worry about losing your gun accidentally. The ALS is quickly deactivated by the shooter’s thumb for a smooth positive draw.Even though this holster is advertised as a good conceal carry holster, it falls sort of this in practical terms. Because the Safariland is an outside-the-waistband holster, and it’s relatively thick, you’ll have to wear the right kind of loose-fitting clothing to in order to conceal your weapon. This could be an issue if you live in a hot, humid climate.
This paddle holster is injection-molded from a durable plastic and will stand up to hard, everyday use. The belt loop is designed to accommodate belts from 1.5” to 1.75” in width.
The holster has a suede lining to protect the finish and sights of your valuable firearm.
This holster has been approved by The International Defensive Pistol Association (IDPA).

2. IMI Industries Sig Sauer MK-25 Gun Holster Tactical light/Tactical laser holster level II


IMI Industries Sig Sauer MK-25 Gun Holster


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This Level II holster by IMI Military Industries was designed by the Israelis for military and police departments who use lights or laser sights on their handguns.

This is an outside-the-waistband holster that is intended for tactical operations, but it works great for everyday carry as well.

The holster connects to all of the IMI Defense platforms, including their belt clip, paddle, low ride and drop leg platform. Designed for right-handed shooters.

This system offers a secure, dual-safety retention mechanism with an easy thumb release to draw the firearm at minimal time. The level 2 protection is achieved by adding a contoured cap above the pistol along with the proven IMI Defense system.The fit and finish on these holsters could be better. There are some rough edges from the molding process and should have been trimmed or buffed off.
Made of highly durable polymer that keeps its shape in even the most rugged condition.The top portion of the holster that covers the hammer of your Sig is a little loose, causing the firearm to move around inside the holster at times.
Full cant adjustment via a simple Allen key.
IMI’s unique mounting system allows holster to connect with their platforms and provides 0-360° rotation.
Holster accommodates a variety of laser sight and light systems

3. Gould & Goodrich B802-26R Gold Line Two Slot Pancake Sig MK 25 Holster


Gould & Goodrich B802-26R Gold Line Two Slot Pancake Sig MK 25 Holster


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This outside-the-waistband pancake holster by Gould & Goodrich is made to accommodate the equipment rail that’s built into the Sig MK-25.

The holster fits onto a belt via two belt slots, has a fixed cant that holds the firearm in a slightly forward position. The holster works for conceal carry as long as you wear a loose shirt or jacket to cover your weapon.

This Gould & Goodrich holster is made from top grain leather that makes it more flexible and comfortable to wear than some rigid polymer holsters.Like all leather holsters, Gould & Goodrich is a bit stiff out of the box. The deep molding tends to add to the tight grip on your gun. It takes a break-in period to get the leather to loosen up and provide a smooth draw.
Deep definition molding means offers a superior fit and retention for you Sig MK-25.
It is equipped with a leather retention strap that secures the firearm in the holster. This strap is released by your thumb as you’re drawing the weapon.
Holster is manufactured in the USA.

Sig MK-25 Holster – Conclusion

While these are all capable holsters, and each has its strong points, I chose the Gould & Goodrich B802-26R Gold Line Two Slot Pancake Holster as the winner. The holster hugs close to the body for good concealability, the leather is top quality, and it fits the Sig MK-25 like a glove.

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