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Top 3 Best Tactical Helmets For Civilians 

Tactical helmets for civilians

Do you want to know what the oldest form of warfare-related protection equipment is? That’s right, the tactical helmet.

How Long Have Tactical Helmets Been Around?

Helmets have been in use by soldiers and warriors for thousands of years, with evidence that they were first used 4,000 years ago by the Sumerians in the Middle East.

Your head and face is one of the most important parts of your body to protect in combat. The last thing you want is to sustain damage to your skull or brain, which can take you completely out of the fight even if the rest of your body is in excellent condition.

Today, helmets have evolved considerably, but the reasoning behind them has not. U.S. soldiers who served/are serving overseas in the Middle East, for example, continue to wear helmets and with good reason. A helmet truly can mean the difference between life and death.

Evolution of Tactical Helmets

As warfare has developed, so have tactical helmets. Now they need to accommodate technological equipment (such as tactical flashlights) while simultaneously offering superior head and face protection over helmets built previously.

Now you may point out that you’re not in the military or even in law enforcement or any other dangerous role, and therefore don’t really need a tactical helmet.

Think again.

Why You Need a Tactical Helmet

In an SHTF disaster scenario, for example, you will be stuck on your own with the responsibility of having to defend yourself and your family. What happens if you sustain a traumatic brain injury whilst defending your house and property? You’ll be instantly taken out of the fight and perhaps even die, which means that your family’s chances of survival are going to drop significantly as well.

Needless to say, the tactical helmet is an essential piece of equipment for any soldier, law enforcement officer, or civilian who has the expectation that one day they might be involved in a combat situation. For civilians especially, it’s without question one of the most overlooked gear pieces that you can possibly have.

There are also an extremely wide variety of different tactical helmets for you to choose from, and from a number of different reputable manufacturers such as Team Wendy, Ops Core, and Precision. These companies focus on producing lightweight and yet durable helmets with high-impact resistant materials.

Here are three of the best Non-ballistic and 1 ballistic tactical helmets on the market, and the reasons for why they are so.

What is the Difference Between Ballistic and Non-Ballistic Tactical Helmets?

NIJ logo for the National Institute of Justice Compliant Product ListQuite simply a Ballistic helmet is designed to stop a bullet up to a certain caliber.  To be sure the helmet you are looking is ballistic it should have an NIJ rating.  See NIJ rating chart below. Non-ballistic Tactical helmets are designed to prevent blunt force impact, but are not designed to be “bulletproof”.

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4 Best Tactical Helmets for Civilians

Now that you understand the need for a tactical helmet, here our top picks:

Product NameWhere to Buy
image of DLP Tactical Impax Extreme Bump HelmetDLP Tactical Impax Extreme Bump HelmetCheck Price
image of Lancer Tactical Maritime HelmetLancer Tactical Maritime HelmetCheck Price
image of ‎Tactical PJ Helmet and Full Face Protection‎Tactical PJ Helmet and Full Face ProtectionCheck Price
image of Avon Protection MICH High-Cut Combat HelmetAvon Protection MICH High-Cut Combat HelmetCheck Price

DLP Tactical Impax Extreme Bump Helmet – Non Ballistic Helmet

The ImpaX Extreme helmet is constructed by DLP Tactical and is designed to protect your brain and skull from trauma and physical abuse

image of a button check this price

The ImpaX Extreme helmet is constructed by DLP Tactical and is designed to protect your brain and skull from trauma and physical abuse.

It’s not a heavy helmet by any means and therefore doesn’t offer the best protection on the market (for instance, it can’t stop a bullet), but if you’re running and trip only to fall hard on rock solid concrete, this helmet will keep your head protected and spare you a deadly blow to the head (though admittedly you’d probably still have a headache in that scenario).

The shell of the ImpaX Extreme is built out of a nylon fiber material, and it also comes installed with a Mil-Spec Night Vision Goggle Mount, which will make operating in low light or entirely dark conditions much easier.

Lancer Tactical Maritime Helmet – Non Ballistic Helmet

The Lancer Tactical Maritime Helmet s built out of a very high grade and durable ABS plastic material

image of a button check this price

The Maritime Helmet from Lancer Tactical is built out of a very high grade and durable ABS plastic material. It also has an adjustable suspension system so it can accommodate most head sizes in a comfortable manner, and the internal padding on the insight makes the helmet even more comfortable while also adding an extra degree of protection.

The night vision mount on this helmet makes it easy to add a GoPro camera, and there is also Velcro installed so you can add patches to truly customize it the way you want. A rail system on the side of the helmet makes it easy to attach tactical flashlights.

Tactical PJ Helmet and Full Face Protection – Non Ballistic Helmet

The Tactical PJ helmet with Full Face Mask has a miniature fan on the top of the mask to prevent the lens from fogging

image of a button check this price

The ‎LEJUNJIE PJ Type Tactical Helmet is unique because it’s a full face helmet. Meaning it protects your entire face and not just your head and skull. This is good because it helps to keep dust and debris out of your eyes and mouth. Your eyes in particular are highly vulnerable parts of your body that you will want to keep fully protected.

The inside of the helmet consists of anti-fog goggles and a padded interior to make it more comfortable. There is a miniature fan on the top of the mask to prevent the lens from fogging and enhance the use effect. The Velcro panels that line the top and the sides of the helmet make it easy to attach nameplates and patches.

If you don’t desire having the full face covering, the face shield component of the helmet can be easily detached as well with simple press of a button.

And thanks to the side rails, adding additional accessories such as cameras, goggles, or tactical lights is incredibly easy.

Ballistic Tactical Helmet Protection Levels

To put it bluntly the tactical helmets above will not stop a bullet. If you are looking for that type of protection then you want to look for a ballastic tactical helmet. You will want to be sure they have a NIJ rating.  Similar to those found in bulletproof backpacks and vests we’ve reviewed. Not surprising is the difference in cost, how can you really put a price on stopping a head shot?

Threat Level RatingAmmunitionWeight
Number of Shots
Level I.22 long rifle high velocity lead402.6320 +/- 121050 +/- 405
Level I.38 special round nose lead15810.2259 +/- 15850 +/- 505
Level II.357 mag. jacketed soft point15810.2425 +/- 151395 +/- 505
Level II9mm full metal jacket1248.0358 +/- 121175 +/- 405
Level IIA.357 mag. jacketed soft point15810.2381 +/- 151250 +/- 505
Level IIA9mm full metal jacket1248.0332 +/- 121090 +/- 405
Level III7.62mm (.308 Winchester) full metal jacket1509.7838 +/- 152750 +/- 505
Level IIIA.44 mag. lead semi-wadcutter gas checked24015.55426 +/- 151400 +/- 505
Level IIIA9mm full metal jacket1248.0426 +/- 151400 +/- 505
Level IV.30-06 armor piercing16610.8868 +/- 152850 +/- 501

Best Ballistic Tactical Helmet

Avon Protection MICH High-Cut Combat Helmet – Level IIIA

The Avon Protection Combat High Cut MICH Ballistic Helmet meets or exceeds the NIJ Level IIIA Ballistic standard for penetration

image of a button check this price

The Avon Protection Combat High Cut MICH Ballistic Helmet meets or exceeds the NIJ Level IIIA Ballistic standard for penetration. The higher cut helps makes sure your vision isn’t obstructed. Inside the helmet there are 7 shock reducing ploymer foam pads. The retention system is easy to take on and off.  As we mentioned, a truly ballistic tactical helmet will run you 2-3 times more than a non-ballastic tactical helmet. However, if the shit really hits the fan it will be money well spent.

Tactical Helmet – Conclusion

Don’t forget to include a high quality tactical helmet like one of the above models among your gear. In an SHTF scenario where you need to defend your house, having a helmet will do much to protect your head, face, skull, and neck from traumatic injuries that would immediately put you out of the fight.

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