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Glock 43x Review

The Glock 43X semi automatic pistol with a 10 plus 1 round capacity is reviewed

Glock is one of the world’s leading firearms manufacturers when it comes to pistols. They have made a wide range of service weapons for militaries and law enforcement agencies all over the world, and they also have various models catered to the civilian market. Over the years, Glock has made several concealed carry pistols, like the Glock 26, and the original Glock 43.

However, after Sig Saur came out with the Sig p365, which is a very concealable 9mm compact pistol, every manufacturer in the market rushed to make their own compact micro 9mm pistol. The Sig p365 was very popular, however, Glock fans were looking for a high-capacity 9mm compact pistol from Glock, and they obliged by releasing the Glock 43x.


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Why Buy a Glock 43x?

The Glock 43x is a compact pistol designed specifically for concealed carry. It was a significant improvement over the original Glock 43 in several ways.  It had a larger capacity, with the same thin profile that was the reason for the popularity of the Glock 43. The Glock 43x also has a larger frame and longer grip than most competitive pistols and therefore, is very controllable, while maintaining its concealability as well.


We review the Glock 43x 9mm semi-automatic pistol



Glock 43x Design

Like all other Glock pistols, the 43x is also a semi-automatic, striker-fired pistol, with a polymer frame, with a steel slide. Unlike other concealed carry pistols, the size of the G43x Frame is comparatively larger. It is about the same height as the Glock 19, however, it is a little under an inch thick, which compensates for the longer grip to some extent, and helps with concealability. The length of the slide is also shorter than the Glock 19, which adds to its concealability.

The longer grip of the pistol is advantageous when it comes to maintaining control of the pistol. Most concealed carry pistols have very short grips, and though they are more concealable, they can be difficult to shoot, especially for shooters with largest hands. The longer grip of the Glock 43x allows you to get all three fingers on it, for a more comfortable shooting experience.

What is the Capacity of the Glock 43X?

The Glock 43x has a capacity of 10 + 1 round of 9mm. It holds 10 rounds in the magazine, with a single stack magazine. The capacity is the same as competitive pistols like the Sig P365 and Springfield Hellcat, however, those pistols have a considerably smaller grip. This is because the Glock 43x, like all other Glocks, uses a polymer-lined metal magazine, which has very thick walls.

However, there are some aftermarket companies, like Shield Arms that make full metal magazines for the Glock 43x. These magazines can hold 15 rounds of 9mm in a flush-fitting magazine, and significantly increase the firepower of the Glock 43x, making it a very attractive option for concealed carry.  We also wrote an entire article about the best Glock magazines. 

Shield Arms S15 Glock 43X 15 Rd Magazine


The Shield Arms S15 Glock 43X 15 Rd Magazine has a smooth design preferred by Glock owners



Glock 43x Ergonomics

Glock pistols have a very simple yet ergonomic and intuitive design. The long and slim grip of the G43x comes without any replaceable backstraps, however, it is still very comfortable for most hands. It also has a smooth design, similar to the Gen 5 Glocks, which is preferred by most shooters.

To keep a low profile, the Glock 43x doesn’t have a beaver tail either. However, there is a little nub on top of the tang, which makes for a decent and controllable grip. The grip has light texturing, which does help with the grip with dry hands, however, it does leave room for improvement, since it can feel slippery when your hands are sweaty.

Glock 43X Sights

Most people aren’t big fans of standard Glock plastic sights. Granted they can be better, but even the stock sights are decent enough to get the job done. Plus they have a low profile which prevents them from snagging on anything when you draw the pistol. Moreover, if you don’t like the sights on the Glock 43x, replacing them is very easy. There are loads of aftermarket options for fiber optic sights and night sights that you can opt for.

You can also get the Glock 43x MOS now, however, the drawback is that it is only compatible with Shield RMSC micro red dot. Some companies do milling jobs on G43x slides to make them compatible with other micro red dot sights, however, this can be a little expensive and time-consuming.

Still, for personal defense, and concealed carry, the standard sights on the Glock 43x are more than satisfactory, and they allow you to get an easy sight picture for quick shooting during the daytime.  Check out our article dedicated to the best sights for your Glock. 

Glock 43X Controls

Next up, let’s talk about the controls of the 43x. They are quite similar to any other Glock pistol and make for a very ergonomic shooting experience. Starting with the safety options, the G43x, like all other Glocks does not have an external thumb safety. Instead, it relies on an internal drop safety and firing pin safety. The trigger also has a safety which prevents it from being depressed if the pistol is dropped.

As far as other controls are concerned, you have a button-style magazine release that is typical of most Glocks. It is located on the left side of the pistol but can be switched for left-handed shooters as well. The slide stop/release is also located on the left side of the frame.

Glock 43X Triggers

Glocks are typically known to have decent triggers for everyday use. They are crisp and don’t have too much takeup, however, like service pistols, the trigger is a little heavy which is actually a good thing on a self-defense pistol since there is a lower chance of accidental fire. The trigger pull is about 5.5 lbs.

When you pull the trigger, you will have a little bit of take-up, and then you’ll hit a definitive wall. From here the trigger break is very crisp and the reset is also quick and audible. There are also loads of aftermarket Glock triggers available on the market if you don’t like the standard trigger and want to replace it.

Final Thoughts

So, in conclusion, the Glock 43x is a very capable concealed carry pistol that comes with the same reliability and production standards that you can expect from any Glock. It is comfortable, easy to shoot, and easy to conceal. Plus the aftermarket support is the best among all other competitive pistols. So, if you are looking for a concealed carry pistol, the Glock 43x is an excellent option.

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