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Best Glock Shoulder Holster Options – 19 and More

Best Glock Shoulder Holster Options - 19 and More

Glocks are great guns for preppers, law enforcement, those of you needing self-defense or even beginners. You’ll need a proper way to carry it though, leaving you with Glock shoulder holster or hip holster options.

Glock Shoulder Holster Quick Pick

I found the shoulder holsters to be more useful for me, with the top pick being the Gould & Goodrich Gold Line Shoulder Holster. It’s made just for Glocks, so you can be sure it’ll fit whatever model you’ve got very securely, while saying comfortable on your body.

Gould & Goodrich Gold Line Glock Shoulder Holster


The Gould & Goodrich Gold Line Glock Shoulder Holster is made specifically for Glock 19 and other models.


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We will dive deep into this Glock shoulder holster and a few others, but lets first talk about shoulder holster briefly first.


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A Brief Guide To Glock Shoulder Holsters

Shoulder holsters are a popular carry method for handguns among police officers, active duty military and everyday citizens. They come in many different styles and types to fit your needs, but it’s not just their versatility that makes them popular.

There are a few reasons why they’re so preferred, and why you see them on just about every police show on television. The most obvious reason is due to the concealment provided.

You can draw the weapon without being too noticeable, so if there are any special conditions where you need to draw quickly, you’ll be able to.

Shoulder holsters are also practical, since any wearer can keep it on even while sitting. This is different from the belt holster that may make it difficult to remove your weapon if you’re seated or crouching down. All you have to do is reach back and aim, making them perfect for any situation.

How To Wear A Glock Shoulder Holster

People often have trouble making their shoulder holster feel comfortable, but this is mainly because it’s not adjusted or worn correctly. If you don’t want to compromise concealment or drawing speed, these steps will help you wear it right.

  1. Put the Glock in. Start by putting the magazines in the magazine carrier, if there is one, and move on to place your Glock gun in either side of the holster.
  2. Put on the Holster. Put on that holster so the Glock is under the opposite arm as your shooting hand. So if you’re left-handed, the Glock is on the right side. If you’ve got two guns, just put them both in there.
  3. Back Straps. Make sure the place where the straps cross in the back is centered high, right below your collar and a little above the shoulder blades. Any holsters with pads should have the pads near the neck, not by the shoulders.
  4. Adjust the Holster. The holster should hold your glock horizontally with the muzzle pointed behind you. The grip should stick out around 2 inches when your arm is straight. This will help you draw the Glock easier without showing an outline on your jacket.
  5. Magazine Carrier. Make sure the magazines are right under your shooting arm and that you can easily un-strap and remove them. It might be easier to grab them if they’re tipped forward slightly.
  6. Tie-Downs. Attach tie-downs to a belt to keep the holster snug against your sides. This is optional, but may feel more comfortable.
  7. Practice. Finally, practice with a jacket. Make sure you can draw your weapon smoothly and if you can’t, make a few more adjustments.

Advantages of Shoulder Holsters for Glocks

There are many reasons to get yourself a shoulder holster when you’ve got a Glock, which I’ve listed here.

  • Great for Glocks: Heavy handguns fit great, and the weight is more distributed than with a hip holster. Any gun can be carried even for days without discomfort.
  • Long Barrels: If you’ve got long-barreled guns, shoulder holsters are your only real option for concealed carry. Shoulder holsters are great for concealment in general though.
  • Perfect while sitting: Driving or sitting isn’t a problem when you need to hold onto your gun. If you’re working or crawling under things, it’ll stay on securely. Any movement at all is simplified with a shoulder holster.
  • Movement: Even if you’re not crawling or moving under things, you’ll find that you can move around more easily. Your holster won’t get caught on anything and will lay flat against your body. This will keep it clean and less dusty too.
  • Storage and Versatility: With a shoulder holster, you can keep the Glock and spare ammo close to you, which is ideal in an emergency situation. Regardless of what gun you have, you shouldn’t have any problem fitting in your holster.

Best Shoulder Holsters for Glocks

This shoulder holster is made from durable and rugged nylon, so it’s built to last. It’s black, waterproof, lightweight and perfectly sized for both your Glocks and magazine pouches.


Product NameWhere to Buy
image of Gould & Goodrich Gold Line Shoulder HolsterGould & Goodrich Gold Line Shoulder HolsterCheck Price
image of Under Control Tactical Shoulder Holster For Glock 17Under Control Tactical Shoulder Holster For Glock 17Check Price
image of Federal Shoulder Holsters For GlocksFederal Shoulder Holsters For GlocksCheck Price
image of Galco Jackass Rig Shoulder SystemGalco Jackass Rig Shoulder SystemCheck Price
image of Galco Shoulder Holster Miami ClassicGalco Shoulder Holster Miami ClassicCheck Price


1. Gould & Goodrich Gold Line Shoulder Holster – Best Glock 19 Shoulder Holster


The Gould & Goodrich Gold Line Glock Shoulder Holster is made specifically for Glock 19 and other models.


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This holster is made right in the USA with top-grain vegetable-tanned genuine leather. This holster adjusts fully for comfort with straps that lay flat, double ammunition, and non-glare leather.

Easily adjustable and made from quality materialsYou do need to buy the tie-down straps separately
Holster hugs your Glock 19 perfectly to keep it snug and secureThe leather straps are a little thin, and people question how long they will last
Holster holds your Glock 19 and ammo securely with no slippageThe mag pouches are very solid and stiff, so you may need to adjust them a bit
The wide front strap section distributes the weight more firmly than other kinds of holstersThe barrel of the gun isn’t totally encased
Very comfortable and easy to adjust and pull from a sitting positionThe leather is a little rougher than some buyers might light, and will take some time to break in

2. Under Control Tactical Shoulder Holster For Glock 17 


Under Control Tactical Shoulder Holster For Glock 17


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This holster is perfect for your Glock 17 and several models. It is made with a durable nylon that makes it waterproof and lightweight.

It’s fully adjustable, with a clip behind the shoulder pads to balance the weight and keep the holster from shiftingThere aren’t included instructions on how to adjust the holster, but the will send you an email with video.
Includes impact resistant plastic sliders and a quick release buckle that tailor it to individualsThe double lock is a little bulky
Shoulders are padded for comfort, but not puffySome guns are too large to fit in the holster although it won’t happen with your Glock
Reinforced cornersThere isn’t a thumb break for one-handed retrieval of your gun
Very high attention to detail
It’s a vertical carry and can carry even weapons with larger muzzles with ease
The included Velcro clips attach easily to your belt

3. Federal Shoulder Holsters For Glocks W/Double Mag Pouch Horizontal Carry


Federal Shoulder Holsters For Glocks Double Mag Pouch Horizontal Carry


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When you’re looking for comfort, the dual stay flat shoulder pads are sure to fit snugly. You can carry two magazines in the double magazine pouch, and the six way size adjustment is sure to fit anyone. Tie-down straps for your belt are even included.

No problems adjusting straps to various specificationsIt is a little bulky when you actually wear it underneath a jacket
Very comfortable; can be worn all day without any issuesDoesn’t seem to conceal as well if you have a more slender stature
The holster is easy to unsnap when drawing your GlockTakes time to break in and sit more comfortably
Magazine pouches and the Glock are securely put in placeThe biggest consistent problem is with the quality more than anything else
Remains close to the body; fits snugly
The price is very cost effective
You can reach both the glock and magazines with ease, and the actual holster is light and comfortable

4. Galco Jackass Rig Shoulder System For Glocks Right Hand


Galco Jackass Rig Shoulder System For Glocks is tested for durability and quality


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Fit the Glock 17 or 31 in this Galco shoulder harness. It’s tested for durability and quality, with a horizontal holster that can be adjusted.

You’ll get the harness, an ammo carrier and a set of screws too.

Very versatile with many adjustment possibilities and options, like having or not having a mag pouch, tie-downs, or higher or lower slung on your bodyIt does take a good amount of time to set up properly
The thumb break style makes sure it stays on securelyThe holster is very tight until it’s broken in properly
You can conceal it in a wide variety of jackets or coatsYou do need to stretch the straps yourself over time if you want it to fit more comfortably
It’s very trim and not easily seenThe double mag pouch does seem a little large
The angled holster makes it easy to conceal most glocks without them being obvious or getting in your wayThin straps can make it uncomfortable to wear
The pricing may be high for some buyers

5. Galco Shoulder Holster Miami Classic – Glock 35 33 31 26 22 19 Compatible

The Galco Shoulder Holster Miami Classic is perfect for any type of glock


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This classic Glock holster is perfect for any type of glock that you pick up.

The materials are top quality, so you can be sure they’ll last a while too. The leather straps keep it snug on your body and keep your weapon perfectly concealed.

Doesn’t get in the way at all, and can be adjusted easilyIt does take some time to really break it in and make it comfortable to wear
Holds Glocks easily with snugly fitting magazinesIt can be difficult to fit your Glocks in there initially before it’s broken in
Very high quality leather and comfortable to wear without any bulges


Glock Shoulder Holster – Final Thoughts

There are many reasons why you might want to purchase a great shoulder holster. Overall, the preferred choice seems to be the Gould & Goodrich Gold Line Shoulder Holster.

It fits easily and doesn’t take as much time to break in as some other holsters, although all of these top picks are great options too.

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